The 10 best songs from ‘Galavant’ season 1

Galavant. Two seasons, 16 episodes, six hours, and 60 songs. It’s a musical theatre and fantasy enthusiast’s heaven on Earth. But out of these 60 songs, which is the best? Sit back, relax, and let me take you off on a hero’s journey through my 10 favourite songs out of the 28 from season 1 of Galavant.

#10 – “Togetherness”

This song is a wonderful example of how beautifully Joshua Sasse, Karen David, and Luke Youngblood’s voices mix. The song showcases how the trio work together perfectly to present issues found when spending lots of time with others. And the song also shows the simmering attraction between everyone’s favourite couple — good old Gal and Izzy, despite her kind of, sort of, totally playing him.

#9 – “Maybe You’re Not The Worst Thing Ever”

The harmonies! I love a good four-part harmony, and this song does it wonderfully, showing how the two couples are developing more feelings than originally intended. And the fact that the feelings are displayed by insulting each other is the perfect way to sing a love ballad (in my opinion).

#8 – “Love Is Strange”

Only one song can top the previous love ballad, and this is it. Pair Karen David and Joshua Sasse with sweeping circular camera motions, and add hilarious lyrics for good measure, and you have a top of the line musical number. The ingenuity of having a description of love being a description of the person that you are in love with sends a fuzzy warmth down my spine, due to the lyrical genius of Glenn Slater. And let’s not forget the hilarity of the fact that the cell doors were left open and only discovered by the prisoners due to a declaration of love in musical form.

#7 – “I Love You As Much As Someone Like Me Can Love Anyone”

I love a raunchy tango number, and Joshua Sasse and Mallory Jansen perform this song so wonderfully with passionate choreography accompanying the music. The portrayal of Madalena as a heartless nymphomaniac by Jansen is so brilliant. She showcases it perfectly as she toys with Galavant whilst he confesses his undying love to her.

#6 – “Hey Hey We’re The Monks”

Did I ever think I would need Weird Al Yankovic dressed as a monk singing in a barbershop style quintet? No. Do I now realise that I don’t need anything else again? Yes. This number is so helplessly hilarious that I’m still not over it. And the lines, “We’ll fetch the holy water, and holy soap as well, ’cause holy guacamole that one reeks to holy hell,” and “I’m the bad boy but not so bad ’cause I’m a monk,” make me giggle every time. As do the “jazz-hands” at the end.

#5 – “Adventure Awaits/A Hero’s Journey”

Yet another example of the wonderful combination of Sasse/David/Youngblood working as a team, this song symbolises the beginning of the journey that is Galavant. I selfishly love this number purely for the end note, and the way that Galavant keels over at the end as, being a singer myself, I know the pain of a long end note all too well.

#4 – “Lords Of The Sea”

I’m a self-proclaimed lover of all things pirate, so when this scene and song arrived on my screen, I knew I was 100% going to love it. The idea of pirates being stuck on land and having to resort to taking up sustainable gardening and selling “homemade, organic desserts” is so wonderful and ridiculous that it makes me cry with laughter every time I watch it.

#3 – “Secret Mission”

Whenever I watch this scene, I giggle like a lunatic. It just seems so appropriate that King Richard and Galavant’s first duet is a drunken mess. Timothy Omundson and Joshua Sasse pull off the intoxicated fools perfectly, especially during the middle moment where they discuss Madelena’s feet and giggle like a pair of 10-year-old girls. And the silent portion of them sneaking behind the guards is so cliché but so fitting in such a scene. It’s just perfect.

#2 – “Galavant”

When I first heard of Galavant and how it was a musical, fantasy show, did I expect a fantastic opening song? Yes. Did we get one? Yes. Is it permanently stuck in my head now due to the number of times the tune is used throughout the show? Definitely yes. The theme song is the perfect introduction to the show and will forever be remembered as the best way to set up a plot by having a large ensemble sing loudly about the characters and backstory. Let’s not forget the colourful descriptions such as “cojones out to there” and “cleavage you could hold a whole parade in.”

#1 – “She’ll Be Mine”

This song is my number one purely because, honestly, it is complete perfection. King Richard describing the malicious methods that he would like to use in order to kill Galavant to a happy and joyful beat whilst dancing with the ensemble cast is so wonderfully juxtaposed, it almost hurts. Also, the addition of the citizens of Valencia being forced to sing and dance whilst the king talks about ways that wants to exploit them is so hilariously wrong and macabre that you can’t help but love it.

What’s your favorite Galavant song? Let us know in the comments below!


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