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Negan’s 7 best moments from ‘The Walking Dead’ season 7

Negan is more maniacal, ruthless, intelligent, and evil than the Governor, and is by far my favorite villain so far from AMC’s The Walking Dead. With season 7 coming to an end and Negan rallying his forces for war, let’s pause to look at some of his best moments from the season.

The Axe

Rick tells Negan that he’ll kill him. Negan tells Rick to take the Axe and to kill him. Of course, as we all know, Rick tries… and fails.

Lucille Gets Shot

Another classic. A failed assassination attempt by Rosita at Alexandria intending to shoot Negan, the gun misfires because of the homemade bullet, and the projectile goes into Lucille instead. Eugene gets taken when he fesses up to making the bullet.

Playing House

We surely won’t forget Negan taking up temporary residence in Rick’s house and making a spaghetti dinner.

Dr. Smarty Pants

Negan asks Eugene if he knows “stuff” – if he’s a smarty pants. Of course, Eugene whips up one of his world famous lies to make sure that he lives to see another day, and tells him that he has a Doctorate degree.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire…

This moment is one that I’m sure that no The Walking Dead fan will ever forget. Dwight frames Doctor Carson for letting Daryl go… And Negan ends up throwing him in the fire. Mmmm… crispy critters!

Sasha’s Revenge

Ahh… yes, the revenge of Sasha. I must include this as one of Negan’s best moments. The only moment during season 7 where I see Negan actually get caught off guard. He opens the casket to see a zombified Sasha attack him. Go, Sasha!

Beach Ball Sized…

And I had to save the best for last – my favorite Negan moment from season 7. When Negan tells Sasha that she has “beach ball sized lady nuts” while she’s in the “Education Center.” Very memorable moment!

What was your favorite Negan moment from The Walking Dead season 7? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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