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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ season 2 finale recap: 2×17, “Aruba”

Legends of Tomorrow season 2 finale recap: Season 2, Episode 17, “Aruba,” Aired April 4, 2017

Tonight’s Legends of Tomorrow featured the highest body count of the season! The good part is, only one person actually died!

R.I.P. Eobard Thawne


Ladies and gentleman, Eobard Thawne is no more. Eobard started the Legion of Doom at the beginning of the season. Try as he might, he was not able to outrun the Black Flash!

I for one am actually happy about this. We have too many Flashes running around the Arrowverse. It is getting a little crowded. As much as I love the return of some of the characters, Eobard’s time has passed.

Actor Matt Letscher was a great villain. He had the classic comic book vibe, with great comedic timing.

How did Eobard die?


The Legends travel back in time to World War I and try to get the Spear of Destiny before the Legion does. The altered reality Eobard travels back to stops them. He hops to different spots in time to recruit his former and future selves. This causes the Black Flash to notice.

Black Flash comes for Eobard, and Reverse Flash’s chapter ends. What caused this chain of events to unfold? What else? The Spear of Destiny.

Legends vs. Legends


The Legends cannot run into their past selves while on this mission. If they do, it will invoke a time quake. Naturally, they run right into themselves. Chaos ensues.

  • Legends fight Legends.
  • Past Amaya and Ray find out they are dead in the future.
  • Nate reminds his past self to seize the day and tells Amaya how he feels.
  • The Legion finds out two groups of Legends are in this timeline.

While all of this is going on, a time quake begins. This keeps the Legends from leaving this time period at the end of the episode. One way or another, they aren’t making it out alive.

Laurel Lance takes her Legends bow.


Sara Lance manages to wield the Spear of Destiny. I knew it would be her. What is the first thing that happens when she does? Oh, hey, Laurel! You guessed it. Sara is back in Laurel’s apartment watching The Wizard of Oz drinking wine. I swear Katie Cassidy pops up everywhere.

She talks to her sister, tells her she loves her, and says goodbye. This was a beautiful scene, and both actors did a great job. We finally got the sisterly closure we have wanted. If only we could have gotten better closure for Nyssa and Sara…

The Outcome


Sara renders the spear powerless. Eobard is dead. So what do we do with the other members of the Legion? Plop them back in their timelines!

  • Damien gets dropped into 1987, putting him on his original path.
  • Snart gets dropped off by Rory to go with the Legends on their very first journey.
  • Malcolm gets dropped in 2016 in his crappy apartment.

The Legion members aren’t the only ones to leave – Rip Hunter bids adieu. He realizes Sara is a better Captain than he ever was. He wants to go find his place in the world. Goodbye, Rip. We will miss you.

What did you think of the Legends of Tomorrow season 2 finale? Are you ready for season 3? Who do you think the new members will be? Don’t worry too much. You still have Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow to keep you company for the rest of the season.

I will talk to you next week, when we recap the top moments of Legends season 2!

(Featured image courtesy of Dean Buscher/The CW)


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