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5 times Bonnie Bennett was the true heroine of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Bonnie Bennett (played by Kat Graham) is truly an inspiring character and one of my top favorites from The Vampire Diaries.

She is a badass witch who has saved the day many of times for her loved ones – making her a very important asset on the show. Not only has Bon-Bon been a witch, she has also been a ghost (due to all those times sacrificing herself *sigh*), an anchor to the Other Side, and even ame the new Huntress at one point.

Through all her crazy supernatural abilities, or even when she couldn’t use her magic, Bon somehow always found a way to make sure her friends were safe. This not only makes her a total badass, but also super loyal and kind, too! Doesn’t she deserve a you’re-freaking-AMAZING award? Although I can’t give her one, I wish I could. So, what I will say is: Miss Bonnie Bennett, you truly are a QUEEN! We love you so much!! #BonnieBennettApreciation

Let’s relive 5 moments Bonnie Bennett was the true heroine of TVD:

#1 When she got her magic back and saved the day in the season 8 finale

#2 When she sacrificed herself in season 4 so that she could bring Jeremy back to life

#3 When she kicked Kai’s ass in the prison world and then sacrificed herself (again) to let Damon escape it in season 6

#4 When Bonnie risked her own life to take on Klaus in season 2

#5 When Bonnie traps Klaus in the house (after Jer killed Kol) to prevent him from killing them all

There are, of course, many more moments where Bonnie has saved the day or sacrificed her own happiness for the well-being of her friends. It’s time we all appreciate Bonnie for what she is: the true hero of the show!

Let me know your favorite times that Bonnie Bennett saved the day. (P.S. if you need more reasons to love Bon, take a look at this post!)

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Love always,

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