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‘Arrow’: Five things we love about Black Siren

Recently, news broke that Arrow‘s Katie Cassidy will once again be given series regular status in season 6, but with a twist. Rather than the return of Earth One Laurel Lance from the dead, Black Siren (Earth Two Laurel) will be joining Team Arrow’s weekly adventures. To celebrate this news, let’s take a look at all the reasons we already love Black Siren.

The Sass

Black Siren was first introduced over on The Flash, and instantly we knew this wasn’t the Laurel Lance we had known and loved. She was snarkier, sassier, and most notably, a villian. It takes only a second for Barry, along with the audience, to realize this must be a doppelgänger. “Laurel Lance is dead,” she says harshly, “Bye bye Birdie.” For those of us who loved Earth One Laurel, this was a bittersweet moment. Although she mocked our fallen hero, we couldn’t help but root for her a little, enjoying the contrast her attitude brought to the Laurel we had known previously. The remainder of her time in this episode, along with her appearance on Arrow, would be full of more sassy quips and remarks that brought her further into the favor of the audience, regardless of her villainous tendencies.

The Canary Cry

Finally! A real comic book quality canary cry. Black Canary had the power her comic book counterpart is famous for, but only through technology. A collar Cisco created for her was the only thing that allowed her to use the supersonic scream, which detracted from the uniqueness of the power. Black Siren, however, is a meta human that has a natural ability to use this weapon. Also, Black Siren’s cry comes with visual effects reminiscent of comic book Black Canary, which makes it appear all the more powerful.

The Brutal Honesty

Okay, this may not always be a good thing, but you have to admire Black Siren’s honesty. She calls them like she sees them. As much as we love Oliver Queen, he wasn’t the most upstanding guy when it came to his treatment of the Lance sisters. And although he has since changed, you’ve gotta admire Earth Two Laurel for pointing out how messed up that whole situation was. While we can’t say Black Siren is an honest character (she literally pretended to be Team Arrow’s beloved friend) the times that she chooses to dish out the honesty are entertainingly harsh.

The Confidence

Black Siren oozes self assurance. She’s a bad-ass and she knows it. Everything from her swagger to her outfit, complete with fishnet sleeves — a callback to comic book Black Canary’s signature look — screams confidence. Katie Cassidy does such a great job of creating an entirely different character just through mannerisms that one could easily tell the difference between the two by nothing more than their walk.

The Potential For Redemption

Everyone loves a redemption arc. Some of the most loved characters of all time started off as villains. Damon Salvatore ring a bell? No? How about Captain Hook? We know Black Siren has the potential for good in her; She is the doppelgänger of Laurel Lance, Black Canary, fighter for all things just. She has that goodness somewhere in her, it’s just a matter of getting past all the things in her life that pulled her toward the darkness. Regular status in season 6 will give her the screen time to really sort through these issues and come out the other side a better person, possibly even a hero similar to her Earth One counterpart.

Katie Cassidy will be a welcome re-addition to the cast, and the addition of Black Siren to the ensemble will be sure to mix things up and give the show a fresh new dynamic. Cassidy returns to Arrow in the final two episodes of season five before returning as a regular for season six.

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