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8 TV Big Bads we shouldn’t love but totally do

Whether we are dealing with vampires named Angelus, alpha werewolves, evil doppelgängers, hybrids or foreign aliens determined to rule and/or end the world, there is always a common denominator — 97.5-percent of the time, there is a Big Bad ready to cause harm to simple humans or their weaker foes. And naturally, we as fans, are supposed to hate them, right?

Aren’t we required by some unwritten fandom law to hate the “monsters” who are trying to destroy the lives and sometimes the happiness of our heroes? Yet, there are those moments that instead of hating the Big Bad, we actually fall in love with them and their hidden humanity, even when we know that it just isn’t right. So sit with me, and bask in the glory of these eight notorious Big Bads that we hate to love!

SPIKE: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

When we first met Spike, he was the saner half of whatever he and Drusilla were, and he had three main goals: kill the slayer, cure Drusilla, and burn Sunnydale to the ground. Simple 1, 2, 3! However, somewhere along the road (and after many failed attempts of trying to kill Buffy, parting ways with Drusilla, falling in love with the slayer, taking a liking to Dawn, and joining the Scooby Gang to fight the fight when he felt like it) Spike became a fan-favorite.


If there was ever a time that I wanted to be Lydia Martin or Danny Māhealani it would have been during season 3 of Teen Wolf. Can someone please say, “Double the Trouble,” because YES! Sure Aiden and Ethan were members of the killer Alpha Pack, and they did try to kill a couple of our favorites (Isaac, Derek, and Scott), but deep down, there was goodness in them. A goodness that shined through the love they had for Danny and Lydia. So, how could we not love them? Plus, have you seen them with no shirts on? I mean Ooo-Mmm-Ggg!

MON-EL: Supergirl

For some reason, the Supergirl fandom is split between whether they should love/hate Mon-El and his relationship with Kara. I mean, yes, he is from Daxam, the planet of all that is evil and horrible. And yes, he lied to Kara a few times, and his parents tried to kill her but that is all apart of his past. Because now he cares about protecting the innocent and is in love with one of our favorite superheroes. Whats is not to love?!


Many may not agree with me on this one, but there is just something about Peter Hale that I hate to love. I get that he selfishly turned Scott into a werewolf, killed his niece Laura to be the Alpha, killed tons of people, tried to kill more people, bit Lydia, used Lydia to be resurrected, plotted and manipulated his way back into the lives and trust of Scott’s pack, then tried to kill Scott once again. But, we truly saw the 5% of love that Peter had when it came to Malia Tate, his werecoyote daughter, and personally my second favorite pack member. When it came to Malia, Peter would sacrifice almost anything to protect her, even if it took some time to get to that decision. Plus, he was funny and witty!

KATHERINE PIERCE: The Vampire Diaries

In the words of Kai Parker, “The Myth, The Legend, The Baddest B*tch of All!” Yes, people, Katerina Pierce aka the evil doppelgänger. The beautiful Katherine Pierce, who had a mission to take over the life of her doppelgänger, make her vampire boyfriend — whose life she ruined — fall back in love with her, killed Caroline, and got Aunt Jenna killed. Oh yeah, and that time she went to hell and somehow took it over.  Don’t worry, I am still trying to piece that one together. Although she has a lot more marks in the naughty column than the nice, Katherine became the way she was because she was forced to give up her daughter and was chased for 500 years by the evil hybrid. And who could hate someone with a back story like that, plus she’s KATHERINE PIERCE!


Speaking of evil hybrid! If there is one person, who we all definitely hate how much we love him, it is Niklaus Mikaelson — the original hybrid badass himself! Klaus entered our lives as the bastard whose mission was to use Elena as a sacrifice to break an ancient curse, then he took over Alaric’s body, killed Aunt Jenna, forced Stefan to turn off his humanity, and basically became a plague onto Mystic Falls! Then he went to New Orleans and threatened Davina, put Marcel through hell, daggered Elijah for the millionth time, and basically became a plague on the French Quarter. While at the same time bringing us #Klaroline, showing us repeatedly the meaning of family, protecting Hayley and Hope, and being Klaus. After all, who doesn’t love the bad boy?


I don’t know about you, but when I first heard about the commander who wanted the 100 dead, I was worried. Because somewhere out there was a big bad scary man who wanted to rid the Earth of everyone on that dropship that I came to love. Well, what a shocker it was for me when the Commander turned out to be Heda Lexa. Heda, who called for the death of Fin, betrayed Clarke and the crew at Mount Weather, and countless times was willing to kill anyone because she needed to as Commander of the Grounders. However, while we disliked many of her decisions, we absolutely loved Clexa! In a way, Lexa brought something out in Clarke that we all needed. Their love and loss of that love forced Clarke to grow up a lot faster than she would have. Plus Heda is a total badass warrior!

*Bonus – KOL MIKAELSON: The Originals

I know I said eight, but there was no way I was going to leave Kol out of this one. Yes, we love the evil hybrid Klaus, Rebekah the Barbie Klaus, and the noble Elijah, but I (possibly we) also hate how much I love Kol Mikaelson! The Original Vampire who did not necessarily have a vendetta or a reason to want anyone in Mystic Falls dead unless it suited him and his family. Remember that time he tried to kill Jeremy and the many times he beat the crap out of Damon. Then there was that time in New Orleans when he was doing Esther’s dirty work. So naturally, we should hate mini Mikael, but I mean look at that smirk. And when he needed to, Kol proved himself to be a champion for Davina and his family! Plus, look at that smirk!

Who is your favorite TV Big Bad of all time? Share your picks in the comments below!

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