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‘Riverdale’ recap: Frayed family bonds and shady secrets in Chapter Eight, “The Outsiders”

Riverdale recap: Season 1, Episode 8, “Chapter Eight: The Outsiders,” Aired March 30, 2017

And we’re back!!! Please don’t ever go away again. This girl was going through serious withdrawal without all of the crazy, backstabbing and family feuding drama. Granted it was only two weeks, but we’ve still got some season left in us before they really leave us hanging for the summer. You know the drill. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, be warned that this episode recap for 1×08, “The Outsiders” will contain spoilers for the episode. With that done, let’s jump right in.

Riverdale Recap ep 1x08 The Outsiders

Stay gold, Ponyboy

Things get quite murky in the Cooper household and in Jason’s murder investigation as Polly drops in two huge bombshells. The first came at the top of the hour during her sitdown with Sheriff Keller. It turns out that golden boy, Jason Blossom was funding his and Polly’s getaway with drug money. Despite their warring parental figures and a nasty breakup, Polly and Jason mended fences and got engaged after finding out about the baby. Jason couldn’t exactly ask his parents for the money, so he turns to FP Jones and the Southside Serpents. The desperate teen agreed to mule drugs for the Serpents and that solves the mystery of why FP torched Jason’s car and stole the letterman jacket (actually that last part is still in the wind). He didn’t want any possible evidence connecting the Serpents to Jason or his murder. So, is FP the killer? Who know’s, but he’s definitely still on that list of suspects.

'Riverdale' Recap ep 1x08 The Outsiders 3

Polly’s second revelation leads to one of my favorite moments in the series so far. Wouldn’t you know that it actually includes one, Alice Cooper?? Crazy right? Sure Alice is problematic at times in her need to control her girls and the Hatfield/McCoy level feud that her family has going with the Coopers. Seriously there has to be something darker and deeper behind this feud than maple syrup and money. All of that gets pushed to the side as Alice tries to convince Polly to move back home. Alice promises that the teen will be able to keep her baby. This is the moment when Polly drops the bomb that when Hal Cooper found out about the pregnancy, he made her an appointment with the doctor.

Clearly, he was going to force Polly’s hand and pressure her into terminating the pregnancy. Alice Cooper, the badass (sometimes pain in the ass) mama bear, heads home and confronts Hal. Apparently, Alice herself also got knocked up when she was Polly’s age by Hal (was it?) and he convinced her to terminate. Alice is still dealing with that decision. Him pulling the same move on Polly is the last straw. She kicks him out in EPIC fashion and I think there was even a throat punch in there somewhere. Alice hasn’t been one of my favorite parents, but she was amazing in this moment.

'Riverdale' Recap 1x08

Men at Work

Speaking of favorite parents. Hello, Fred. Archie’s dad had a rough time this week. Again it was those damn Blossoms. Or rather, Cliff Blossom. Andrews Construction finally starts its work on the old drive-in when Fred loses most of his crew thanks to interference from Cliff. Cheryl’s father is salty about losing the property to the mystery buyer. Yea, they still don’t know that Hiram and Hermione bought the land. That’s going to be messy for Hermione and Fred given their current relationship status (It’s REALLY Complicated). After chatting with his dad about Andrews Construction’s current struggles, Archie pulls together a skeleton crew including Jughead, Kevin, Reggie, and Moose. Archie tells his father that they’re willing to work after school and every free opportunity to help his dad get the job done. Meanwhile, Hermione is looking into hiring workers from neighboring towns.

Riverdale Recap ep 1x08 The Outsiders 2

It’s finally a good day for Fred’s project until two mysterious figures show up after hours to destroy equipment and beat up on poor Moose who only went back to the worksite for his phone. Remember when Archie was awesome and did that thing to help his dad five seconds ago? Yea, well, he then loses major points when he decides to head to Southside Serpent territory (standard seedy bar).He tells Jughead not to be worried because he’s just going undercover so that Moose can try ID’ing the guys who beat him up. Archie shows up at the bar looking completely out of place (wearing his bright blue letterman jacket), and he gets aggressive with some really sketchy characters almost immediately. Thankfully, FP hears the commotion and comes down to smooth things over before his old friend is short a redhead teen. Flipside, Archie finds out that FP is a Serpent and that clearly Jughead knew this information and didn’t tell Arch about it.

Despite their differences, FP shows up the next day with his own crew and tells his former bestie that he’s there to help until Fred can figure out something else. Now, let’s be real. FP can’t be trusted. He’s definitely up to not very good things. The same things that include Kevin’s boo chatting him up at the behest of FP himself.

'Riverdale' recap ep 1x08 The Outsiders

Well, at least Joaquin seems to feel bad about his duplicity and what relationship isn’t based on a hotbed of lies and half-truths? Well, except Bughead (more on that adorableness later).  Here’s hoping that Devin doesn’t end up getting his heart stomped all over. He’s too much of a sweetheart, but why could FP and the Serpents need an in with the sheriff’s kid?

Baby Shower Blues

Hermione and Veronica mean well, but perhaps this wasn’t the time or way to broach a peace accord between the Coopers and Blossoms. That said, it actually brought more than a few sweet moments. First, there was Jughead and Betty being adorable setting up for the festivities. Then the gifts themselves. No, not the “Rosemary’s Baby” stroller from hell that Cheryl shows up with. Polly seems impressed so it’s okay.

Riverdale Recap ep 1x08 The Outsiders 4

Both Alice and Penelope show up with gifts for the baby that edge on the sentimental side. Alice gifts her daughter with an old nightlight from Polly’s youth that brings the young teen to tears. Penelope offers an old rocking horse and renews her efforts to convince Polly to move in with the Blossoms at Thorn Hill Manor. There are so many reasons why Polly should say no to that particular offer. That house is creepy as hell and something is seriously up with Cheryl’s parents. Also, they were plotting to discredit Polly and take away her baby. They can’t be trusted, but Polly decides to give them a chance anyway because she wants her baby to grow up in the house where his/her father did. Show of hands if your heart broke just a little for Alice Cooper right then.

Riverdale Recap ep 1x08 The Outsiders

Top WTF Moments

  • Hal wins worst parent of the episode and possibly of the series unless we find out that the Blossoms murdered Jason.
  • Hiram knows about Fred/Hermione (Oops!)
  • Joaquin has been playing Kevin!
  • Archie crashes Polly’s baby shower to confront Jughead about FP’s Serpent status. Great timing Archikins.
  • Also, what exactly is this deep, dark thing that Alice is capable of? Inquiring minds NEED to know.


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