5 of the most important things from the new ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ trailer


FINALLY, Spidey fans!

The second trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming was released recently, and it has people feeling all kinds of things. So what are some of the main points we should focus on while we wait for the movie to come out? Check out the trailer, and let’s get into it.

The suit

Spider-Man’s new suit is a big part of this trailer. It debuted in Captain America: Civil War when Tony convinced Peter to join the fight against Cap. It has all sorts of cool tricks, including “web-wings” that were originally in the classic comics. We see some of these features in the most recent trailer.

New suit

But there’s a catch: Tony Stark takes it back. Tony insists that if Peter can’t do anything without his suit, then he shouldn’t have it in the first place. Hmmmm… sounds familiar.


We also see clips of Peter fighting the Vulture in the homemade suit that we got a glimpse of in Civil War. Looks like he’ll have to go back to his roots in order to defeat this guy. I’m in.


Ned Leeds

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, Ned Leeds is Peter Parker’s best friend. He finds out Peter’s secret and helps him navigate his way through being a superhero. Ned is an interesting character because while he shares a name with a classic Spidey comics character, he looks more modeled after a character from Miles Morales’s universe: Ganke Lee. It’ll be interesting to see what he’s like, especially since he was featured more in the second trailer.

Ned Leeds


The Vulture

AKA, Birdman but not Birdman. Michael Keaton is playing this classic Spider-Man villain in Homecoming and I’m all about it. In the comics, The Vulture, Adrian Toomes, was an electronics engineer who created a harness that let him fly, among other things. It looks like this holds up in the upcoming movie, but the villain looks even more terrifying. Even in the trailer, it seems very believable that he means what he says when he threatens Peter. So Peter definitely has his work cut out for him.

The Vulture


Tony and Peter’s relationship

The amount of Tony Stark in the past two trailers combined is wayyyy more than most people had anticipated. But this new trailer gave us a little bit more to go off of than the last one. It’s clear that Tony cares about Peter and wants him to succeed, but not at the expense of others. He wants to show Peter how to help people… but we all know Peter Parker isn’t exactly the type to always do as he’s told. Between the two trailers, it’s clear that we’ll be seeing quite a bit of Tony Stark–and maybe a good deal of Iron Man as well.

Peter and Tony


Peter’s need to prove himself

This leads me to what looks like a common theme in both trailers. Peter is itching to get out there and be a real Avenger. He wants to help people, but he doesn’t really know how to yet. He’s still figuring the whole “superhero” thing out and he’s definitely making some mistakes along the way. It looks like some tough love from Tony and a wake-up call from the Vulture will lead Peter to grow as a hero and a person. We got a little taste of “With great power comes great responsibility” in Civil War when Peter talked with Tony… maybe the idea will make an even more prominent appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

With great power...


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Spiderman: Homecoming

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