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‘The Magicians’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk ep 2×10, “The Girl Who Told Time”

The Magicians recap: Season 2, Episode 10, “The Girl Who Told”, Aired Mar. 29, 2017

There be dragons. Of course! You can’t have a show about magicians and not have the lumbering creatures somehow show up. Dragons would be the gatekeepers of the Underworld. This show continues to think outside of the box when it comes to portraying the fantastical. Quentin juggles double duty this week as he gets pulled into preparation for Elliot’s upcoming nuptials, and helping Julia reconnect with her shade. Q’s bestie appears to be remorseful about almost getting him killed. Or rather she knows she should feel remorseful and decides to help in discovering more about shades. How? By connecting with Alice from another timeline.

Olivia Taylor Dudley has show incredible range this season as she played so many different incarnations of her original role. Now that time-travel is a thing, perhaps we will see her again sooner than later. Or maybe Quentin and Julia will find Alice’s shade during their search for Julia’s own. Or maybe NiffinAlice will appear again. There are so many possibilities. Elsewhere, the amazing Marlee Maitland (Switched at Birth) popped in Kady and Penny’s storyline. Penny is now working for the library and his first assignment involve’s Matlin’s Harriet. She knows much about dark magic and the magically encoded memes of the interwebs.

Listen in as Brad and Cort breakdown this week’s all-new episode, “The Girl Who Told Time”. Be sure to hit the comments below to let us know what you thought. Were you creeped out about the fairies like Cort? Do you think Fen will be back to #TeamFooFighters after learning about Margo’s deal? Three more episodes to go!

(Photo by: Eike Schroter/Syfy)


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