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‘The Expanse’: Interview with Chad Coleman

Nearly everyone who attends a Walker Stalker convention is there for one thing: to see the people who bring their favorite characters to life. A zombie apocalypse is a dangerous place and for some of these actors, their characters have left the show. Usually, this happens in a rather bloody way — no one has yet to die from old age on The Walking Dead. Chad Coleman happens to be one of those actors who is no longer fighting the walkers.

While attending the Chicago Walker Stalker convention I had a chance to talk a bit with Chad Coleman. Since leaving Tyreese’s hammer behind, Coleman has taken over the role of Fred Johnson on Syfy’s The Expanse. Chief of Operations at Tyco Station, Earther, and advocate for the Outer Planets Alliance, Fred Johnson plays a significant role in the series. If you haven’t checked out The Expanse yet, you really should add it to your list.

Brad Zipprich: After your departure from The Walking Dead you moved over to The Expanse. What drew you to the role of Fred Johnson?

Chad Coleman: The complexity of the character. I love playing a character where you have to go on a journey with them. You’re not sure where he is coming from. You know at some point you understood who Tyreese was and what he was all about. This guy (Fred Johnson) is more complex and you aren’t sure. He is a wonderful character.

BZ: At the end of episode 8 “Pyre” on season 2, Fred told the Rocinante they wouldn’t be welcome back to Tyco Station if they left to find the protomolecule. Do you think Fred would let them back on board if they showed back up, or has he cut them off completely?

CC: Well, you know, it’s a tough situation, man, you know? That’s that push-and-pull between Steven Strait’s character and myself. Fred’s got to assert his power and position. I’m not sure that he would stick to that though.

BZ: What are you most excited for in regards to your character’s development?
CC: His leadership you know and the smoke is starting to clear on what and amazing person he is.

BZ: Are there any other projects that you are currently working on?
CC: Yeah, I’ve got a Lifetime movie about Micheal Jackson, and I also have a new show with Seth McFarlan called Orville. It’s an hour comedy, spaceship comedy, [and] I’ll be playing an alien — so looking forward to that!

You can follow Coleman on Twitter @ChadLColeman to keep up to date with where to see him and what he is up to.

The Expanse airs on Syfy Wednesdays at 10/9C

Photo by: Kurt Iswarienko/Syfy


Brad Zipprich

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