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‘Star Wars Rebels’ review 3×21: “Zero Hour”

Star Wars Rebels review: Season 3, Episode 21, “Zero Hour: Parts I & II,” Aired March 25, 2017

After discovering the Rebel base on Atollon, Thawn begins his devastating attack on Phoenix Squadron. Let’s talk highlights from the season finale of Star Wars Rebels!


The Heart to Heart between Kanan and Ezra

Before the battle begins and Kanan and Ezra go off on their respective missions, they share a sweet moment in which Ezra thanks Kanan for everything the Jedi has taught him, primarily about life and being a good person. It’s a touching moment and shows us how much Ezra has matured from the young and slightly reckless boy the Ghost crew found on Lothal.

Hera Calling Kanan “Love”

Hera and Kanan rarely exhibit any romantic affection towards one another (at least not on screen), so much so that it’s easy to forget that they’re a couple; however, when she was flooded with relief that Kanan survived the initial ground assault, Hera she lets an endearment slip through.


The Epic Ground Battle

As epic as the space battle was, the ground battle on Atollon was equally engaging. Rex and Zeb take out a group of AT-DPs with relative ease but have less luck when the AT-ATs show up. Although Kanan arrives and easily dispatches a walker with two swift swings of his lightsaber, the Imperials quickly overwhelm the outnumbered Rebels.


Kallus – A Rebel and Proud

Thrawn catches Kallus as he’s trying to send a warning to Phoenix Squadron. One of the few characters who remains unphased by the Grand Admiral, Kallus tells Thrawn not to underestimate the Rebels. Now that his identity as the spy is out in the open, Kallus unapologetically flaunts his Rebel pride.


Bendu Throwing Thrawn Off His Game

Thanks to Kanan, Bendu turns into an elemental form that unleashes hell on both the Imperials and the Rebels. Although some Rebel ships take some heavy damage, the distraction gives the rest of the Rebels the opening they need to escape. Bendu also foretells Thrawn’s demise, telling the Grand Admiral, “I see your defeat, like many arms surrounding you in a cold embrace.” Here’s looking forward to that scene.


Commander Sato’s Sacrifice


In order to give Ezra the opening he needs to jump to hyperspace, Commander Soto and two of his men sacrifice their lives and their ship to destroy the Interdictor, which was pulling Ezra’s ship out of hyperspace. It was a heroic end to the character and sadly not the last time a Rebel would sacrifice their life for the cause.


Sabine and Crew to the Rescue


Sabine returns for the finale, and with her help and the help of a few Mandalorians, Ezra is able to take out the second Interdictor, opening the window for the remaining Rebel fleet to jump into hyperspace. What’s great about this moment is how gracefully Sabine and the Mandalorians navigate through space while Force-sensitive Ezra flails about.


Not All Is Lost

Once the Rebels have fled Thrawn and his Imperial ships, Ezra tells Kanan that despite managing to escape the Empire, they lost everything – which is true. The Rebels lost most of Phoenix Squadron, much needed ships, and one of their bases; still, despite losing to Thrawn, some of the Rebels did survive and will go on to fight another day. Kanan doesn’t see it as a defeat, but one of the many hardships they’ll have to endure to win back their freedom. And that’s the note the season ends on, with Kanan telling Ezra:

“There’s a future for us. One where we’re all free. But it’s up to us to make it happen.”


What to Expect in Season 4

Dave Filoni gave us some hints on what to expect for the next season of Rebels.

  • The effort to liberate Lothal will be carried into the next season.
  • We’ll be seeing more of Mon Mothma and Saw Gerrera and their strained relationship.
  • It sounds like the Mandalorians will be back with an even bigger role.
  • And finally, Filoni said that they would be wrapping up some of the narratives that began in The Clone Wars. I seriously hope that means we get to see more of Ahsoka.

Let us know what you hope to see in the next season of Star Wars Rebels!


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