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The Best of ‘Teen Wolf’ Music

Two weeks ago I said that one of Teen Wolf‘s best features is it’s soundtrack. Luckily for us, the show is produced by MTV, which, being a music channel and all, has a pop up telling us the song playing in a scene during the show.

Music supervisor Laura Webb has gone above and beyond to feature a wide range of great songs. From the dubstep to the indie ballads, the show has introduced many tunes to #remember. Put on your headphones and turn up the volume – it’s time to listen to some of the best wolfy tunes.


Fan Favourites

I Found – Amber Run

On top of beautiful vocals, “I Found” has a nice tune and was the background of one passionate Scott and Kira rain kiss! An instant hit with viewers.

Bad Moon Rising – Mourning Ritual

Given the haunting scratchy vocals and the fact that it played while everyone was hurt or running for their lives, this is not a typical favourite Teen Wolf song. However, it reminds us of our fan-favourite villain, Void Stiles.

Ava – Famy

Some of our favourite Teen Wolf songs are such because of the scenes they were played in. One such instance is “Ava”. The lyrics are not relevant to the show, but the song was playing in the background while the pack signed their initials (including Allison’s!) on the library shelf.

Not Just A Girl – She Wants Revenge

If Stiles Stilinski was a songwriter, he would have written this song – for Lydia, specifically. One can easily imagine him telling Lydia “I’ll give to you the moon and stars / I’ll never do you any harm” and “Your mind, it makes me want to know you more” and “You can say anything to me.” He even remembers that this song was playing when he danced with Lydia at the formal. Swoon.

Fight Till the End – Jack Savoretti

Is this not an apt description for the pack? They’ve fought and fought and they’ve made it all the way till graduation…well, most of them… (But like Stiles said, they all “find each other anyway.”) The season 5 finale song is light and upbeat, making it great for some easy listening.

Other favourites include, but are not limited to “And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop” by James Vincent McMorrow, “And the World was Gone” by Snow Ghosts, and “You Were Never Gone” by fellow Teen Wolf fan Hannah Ellis.


The Classics

The theme song

What kind of show would Teen Wolf be if it couldn’t call it’s own theme iconic? Composed by Dino Meneghin and introduced in season 2, the theme song was the perpetrator of this incident:

teen wolf theme song
image: tumblr

It was also remixed by The Bloody Beetroots for the Halloween episode in season 3b.

Just A Little Bit – Kids of 88

The first song to be featured on Teen Wolf twice, and the only song to do so within the same season, Just A Little Bit was in the background of lacrosse practice in 1×01. Later, it played during the winter formal. It has a catchy tune that is great for parties.

Of The Mountains – Dan Deacon

For those who don’t recognise the title, this song is the jingly tune we hear at the end of the pilot’s cold open. Yes, when Scott is standing on the road after being bitten and nearly run over by a car. And the one we heard again when Scott fell asleep and woke up in the woods in 6×02! Who else screamed when that happened?

teen wolf reaction
gif: tumblr

Kids – Mikky Ekko

If there was ever an anthem for Teen Wolf, other than the theme, it would be Kids. Even though they’ve all grown up now, Scott and his friends are still so young to have gone through so much. The closing song of season 3a, it also marked the last time we saw so many characters happy and alive. Scott’s voiceover of “I look for my friends” makes it a million times better.


and the Epic

While this category initially sounds like all the rock and dubstep the characters throw punches to, it actually refers to those songs that have had a huge impact on fans. Teen Wolf music is great all around, but there is a particularly corner of the fandom that is particularly blessed. You’ll notice the pattern soon enough…

Where’s My Love – SYML

“Where’s My Love” doesn’t have any grand choruses or rising chords. It gets it’s epic status from how it took a certain group of fans by storm when this heartfelt sneak peak for 5×14 was released:

Find My Way Back – Eric Arjes

This song probably played for less than ten seconds, but was used in prime dramatic fashion. In that time we got this epic line!

teen wolf stydia
gif: tumblr

And the way we zoom into Lydia when she smiles and nods as the music hits the swell of the chorus? A perfect combination of music and video editing.

Start of Time – Gabrielle Aplin

Poetic and sweet “Start of Time” is the latest song to achieve multiple usage in Teen Wolf. It was there for Stydia’s first kiss and Lydia’s memory montage.

Of course, if you”re looking for dramatic fight/action scene songs, there is “Spank” by The Bloody Beetroots and “Iron” and “Run Boy Run” by Woodkid.

Teen Wolf still has ten episodes to go, so there is still music for us to discover. What EDM tracks will the pack groove to in the obligatory party/club episode? Will there be a Stydia dating mixtape? With Jackson making an appearance, perhaps we’ll hear “Werewolves of London”? Whatever it is, we look forward to it.

ETA: I erroneously stated Laura Webb’s position as ‘music producer’ instead of ‘music supervisor’ at first. It has since been corrected.

Can’t get enough of Teen Wolf? Neither can we – that’s why we have the Teen Wolf Lair for all your wolfy needs.

(featured image: TVline)


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