‘Thor: Ragnarok’: how funny will the movie actually be?


Wonder where Thor and Hulk have been? Wonder no more– Thor: Ragnarok features the two heroes, and will premiere on November 3. But that’s not all… according to the director, it will be one of the funniest Marvel movies yet. Wait, what?

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Let’s back up.

Thor: Ragnarok takes place after The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Doctor Strange. The movie follows Thor (Chris Hemsworth) as he returns to Asgard after finding out that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has been impersonating their father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins). This leads to an old foe named Hela (Cate Blanchett) reemerging and Thor is blasted to a new planet, Sakaar. There, the hero is forced to be a gladiator and face off against the planet’s most fearsome warrior: Bruce Banner/Hulk himself (Mark Ruffalo). In fact, a big portion of this movie is based off of the Planet Hulk comic series.

So how will this be funny?


Thor + Hulk = humor?

It’s no secret that these two have duked it out before, twice in The Avengers alone (including the hilarious part where Hulk gets some payback).

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So why would seeing the two superheroes fighting each other bring any sort of laughs? It might not be in the way that you think. Taika Waititi directs Thor: Ragnarok, but that’s not even his first time working with Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

Remember this short that appeared right around the time that Captain America: Civil War premiered?

Waititi directed this and its follow-up. It’s pretty evident that he and Chris Hemsworth are very up to the challenge of creating a more humorous Thor story. This could definitely be welcome considering how… well, dark, Thor: The Dark World was. But how much humor are we talking?

As early as 2015, Mark Ruffalo described the third Thor movie as a “buddy picture,” even though, at the time, he wasn’t entirely sure what it was about. So it’s clear that even though Hulk and Thor fight each other, we will definitely get some funny moments between the two. If the short is any evidence, the characters have clearly just scratched the surface of the humor that they can bring to the new film.

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How much is too much?

Recently, some fans have expressed some hesitation at the idea of the movie being too funny. This is probably because of Waititi’s past directing experience. However, it’s way too early to jump the gun; the plot was just released a few weeks ago. Until we get a proper trailer–or even a teaser–it’s really impossible to know just how much humor will actually be present.

According to Waititi, the movie will have its funny moments, but it can’t really be considered a comedy. Taking into account that there have been hints that Asgard will fall in this movie, this makes perfect sense. Waititi was especially excited about Chris Hemsworth’s comedic abilities, and says he’s one of the funniest things about Ragnarok. If Hemsworth’s performance is anything like the shorts from last year, count me in. Count me waaaaaaay in.

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So, your answer is: we won’t know until we see more. The premiere date is coming up, so it won’t be much longer now!

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