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‘The Flash’ season 3 episode 17 recap: “Duet”

The Flash episode “Duet” aired 21 March 2017.

It’s finally here! After countless Flash-dance puns and Glee-ful reminiscing, it’s the SuperFlash Musical! Funny how we just passed the second year anniversary of the Glee series finale.

It’s showtime!

Barry’s breakup coping mechanism is watching Singing in the Rain from Cisco’s couch. He has to cut short his nth rewatch because the breach at Star Labs has opened to admit Mon-El, Jonn and an unconscious Supergirl. Soon, the Music Meister literally poofs into the speed lab area, knocks out a still-recovering Wally with superhuman speed, and whammies Barry into a coma.

Barry comes to in a classy club where Kara is performing “Moon River”. The lyrics is uncannily relevant to the multiverse and the dream state they are in. They find out they work for Malcolm Merlyn, who is Cutter Mirand in this world. Not-Winn aka Grady plays the piano, and Not-Cisco aka Pablo is a waiter with dreams of being a performer – he just needs his “one shot”.

Confused? No matter, because the Music Meister shows up with his immaculate timing to explain that they are just in Barry and Kara’s heads! Oh, and they are also in a musical and have to follow the script to get out…without dying along the way. All the service staff launch into a number of “Put A Little Love In Your Heart” (in which Cisco/Pablo does not throw away his shot.) The Meister disappears by the end of the song. SuperFlash, who don’t have their powers here, look for him but are apprehended by a band of thugs that includes Not Martin Stein.

Weird Side Story

Barry and Kara talk about their sinking relationships, but are interrupted by Not Joe West, or gang leader Dixie Floss. He wants Barry and Kara to help him find his missing daughter Millie (Iris), who was last seen entering Cutter’s club. Pablo/Cisco shows them to the room where Millie/Iris is…making out with Tommy/Mon-El?!

Their dads are rival gangsters and they have this star-crossed lovers thing going on, so SuperFlash decide the mostly likely plot is the couple coming clean about their relationship. For Millie, fathers means both Joe/Dixie and Stein! The Trio of Dads (Joe, Stein and Merlyn) react badly as expected. When Barry and Kara try to alleviate the situation, they come to realisations about their own love lives in the real world. Then we get Jesse L Martin, Victor Garber and John Barrowman all singing together!!!!!!

The Dads seem to accept their kids’ relationship with “More I Cannot Wish You” (Guys and Dolls), but it is a fake. They gather their boys and go to war.

Meanwhile on Earth 1, Music Meister reveals he can use Barry and Kara’s powers while they are in coma. He attacks Central City bank, but Cisco, Wally and “more than just a pretty face” Jonn combine forces to take him down.

Welcome back, Kid Flash!

Confronted by Iris and Mon-El, Music Meister waxes about the Power of Love and implies that this is just a giant conspiracy to get revenge for Sebastian throwing rock salt at him Westallen and Karamel back together.

Sing Your Way Home

Back in music world, Barry and Kara still have to prepare their “original” performance. Winn/Grady, with convenience you only find in musicals, happens to have a new composition up his sleeve. SuperFlash start tap dancing (!!!) about being SuperFriends, complete with Supergirl and Flash puns. The actual performance goes well, until the Dad Gangs collide outside and start shooting. Barry and Kara stupidly run into the line of fire and get shot! Hello, political overtones.

In the real world, Team Flash plus Mon-El and Jonn are freaking out. Iris makes Cisco vibe her and Mon-El into Barry and Kara’s heads. How does that work? Nobody knows, but it’s a musical, so just go with it. They appear on the street where the gangsters have thankfully cleared out, Barry and Kara bleeding out a few feet away. A barely conscious Barry professes his love for Iris, which she returns. Then she kisses him and the world erupts into light. Mon-El apologises for lying, and Kara forgives him, then they too kiss.

the flash westallen
image: tumblr

Both couples break apart in Star Labs. They are back! Sleeping Beauty is actually a ballet, but okay. The Music Meister – who somehow got out of his cell – applauds them for a great performance. He announces that this was indeed, just a ploy to fix two broken couples. Basically, he wrote fanfiction. But unlike most writers he actually has the power to make his fanfiction a reality. And then he disappears into thin air.

Everything is better in a song

Team Star Labs laugh about being stuck in a musical, with Joe stating he would pay to see Barry sing. Joe, you are seriously underestimating your own musical talent. Kara and SuperCo head home after Kara threatens to actually drop a mountain on Mon-El if he lies again. Barry himself goes to his apartment to serenade Iris with the aptly named “Runnin’ Home To You”. Then he gets down on one knee (!!!) and PROPOSES!!! AGAIN!!! AND THIS TIME WE SEE IRIS SAYING YES!!! I guess being thrown into a dream world for a day is enough “space”.

I wish we got to know more about the Music Meister. Where did he come from? How did he use Kara and Barry’s powers? What did he want at Central City Bank? All we got was he travels around giving intrusive love lessons. The episode did not drive forward the plot of The Flash. I am also disappointed that Julian wasn’t in this episode. Darren Criss played Harry Potter in the A Very Potter Musical series. It’s such a shame that Starkid Potter did not meet Draco Malfoy.

Mini flashpoints:

  • Barry: I’m not the only one who is a good singer
    HR: Thanks BA

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