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‘Grimm’ exclusive clip: 6×11 “Where the Wild Things Were”

We got our hands on an exclusive sneak peek of tonight’s episode of Grimm, “Where the Wild Things Were,” and it looks like the gang will be scrambling to find Juliette.

In last week’s episode, we saw Eve acting evermore like Juliette, borrowing some seriously ‘beistly’ books from Adalind in order to take on the mirror monster. While both Nick and Adalind warn Eve not to tackle this type of magic alone, she does. You guys, who here is surprised? No? Same.

After a bit of trouble with the books, Eve discovers that blood magic is the answer. Which, OF COURSE IT IS, SIS! I mean, come on, you’ve been here long enough. You know. It’s probably blood. Adalind, being a solid Hexenbeist guide, warns Eve to make sure the blood path created is a two-way street.

In “Where the Wild Things Were,” it appears Eve has succeeded in breaking through to the mirror monster. Rosalee and Monroe come home to find the following: an uncovered mirror, blood on the mirror, and a mystery Hexenbeist book and dagger. Oh… and no Eve. Yikes. They call Adalind and Nick, both of whom are pushing off blame, but really, it’s only Adalind who can help.


In tonight’s episode, expect to see Adalind, Nick, Rosalee, and Monroe team up for a search and rescue of our favorite multi-personality gal. Without knowing what they may find, this is sure to lead them into danger. Also, expect them to not look to Diana for help even though she has literally been the FIRST place they should look for help. Well, they’ll get there before the end. I hope?

Grimm airs Fridays on NBC at 8/7c.  

(Photo by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)


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