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The 10 best moments from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8

Since The Vampire Diaries has came to a bittersweet end, it’s now time to take a look back at the best moments from the final season. From heartbreak and love, to drama and seeing new and old characters emerge, they certainly put on a show we would never forget.

One thing I can truly say about season 8 is the fact that it was in top form since episode one and did the show justice for all it was worth. With it being the last season, there would have been great pressure to make sure it was rounded off well — and for sure, Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson did not disappoint. I want to take this moment to thank them and the writers for an amazing creation of a show that has kept me hooked from day one. #ThankYouForTVD

Let’s breakdown 10 of the best moments from TVD‘s season 8 (in no particular order):

#1 Stefan and Damon’s brother hug in the finale

This scene broke me. We finally got to see Damon and Stefan reunite again and had a brotherly hug that was much awaited. OMG, I’M CRYING AGAIN! I loved how this was the ending scene as it truly captured the real number one relationship from the show: Stefan and Damon’s brothership! At least now we can feel happy that the Salvatore brothers were once again side by side (as they should be). BRB, away to sob some more…

#2 EVERY Bonnie and Enzo scene (’cause I’m digging Bonenzo so much!)

Y’all should already know I LOVE Bonnie and Enzo, so let’s take a moment to appreciate their amazing love and chemistry. We watched Enzo woo Bon-Bon like every man should and got to witness their love blossom into something beautiful… and downright enviable, right? It was about time Bon-Bon found a great man and got all the loving she truly deserved. How about we take a look at their top epic relationship goals moments here! (Important side note: Can someone please find me an Enzo?)

#3 Katherine Pierce and Kai Parker returning

The Vampire Diaries could not have ended without seeing the epic return of Katherine Pierce and Kai Parker. Excluding Klaus, these two were my favorite baddies that have ever appeared on the show, so I’m really glad we got to see them grace our screens one last time. There is a full list I’ve made of the top bad guys and gals in TVD, have a look here! Side note: isn’t it funny that the top evil characters of TVD all begin with the letter K? Hmm, what a weird coincidence!

#4 The Delena reunion in the finale

Delena fans were treated to a long awaited reunion of Elena and Damon in the finale – woop! Ever since Elena went into her slumber at the end of season 6, poor Damon struggled to deal with living without his one true love. The fact that we got to see these two live a happy, human life together (like they wanted) was AMAZING! Thank you to the writers for rounding off Delena’s storyline perfectly!

#5 New supernaturals introduced (Yes, I’m talking about the sexy Sirens. Oh, and Cade, too)

We were lucky enough in season 8 to be introduced to brand new supernaturals. First, there were the sexy sirens who would lure men to their grave (literally), and then there was the new big baddie, Cade (aka, the Devil). Before Cade had our beloved Salvatore brothers doing his dirty work, he made the siren sisters, Sybil and Seline, collect evil souls for Hell. It was an interesting new feel to show with introducing new, evil characters who had interesting backstory and mythology attached to them. Did you enjoy the sirens and Cade’s storyline?

#6 Stefan and Lexi reuniting in the afterlife in the finale

OH STEFAN BBY! I am still so heartbroken that you died and cannot believe you didn’t get to have the long human life that you deserved. But, I am happy that you found peace with sacrificing yourself for the good of everyone else, and that you finally got to be guilt free. Oh, and let’s not forget that you now have your bestie with you 24/7. How sweet was the Stefan and Lexi reunion? I sobbed SO much! Stefan, you are the true hero of the show. We will always love you!

#7 Bringing hope of a Klaroline reunion in the future

There was a very important Klaroline moment in the season 8 finale which makes us all super excited for a possible Klaus and Caroline get-together in the future. We saw Klaus donate hella money to Caroline to help fund the Salvatore Boarding School for kids with powers, and he also gave her a super sweet handwritten letter – which officially announced that he hopes to thank her in person one day. YASS – let’s get ready for a Klaroline reunion! Maybe we could see her appear in The Originals? (pwetty pwease!)

#8 Bonnie Bennett getting her magic back

Bonnie Bennett, girl, I am your biggest fan. I LOVE Bon-Bon so much, and one of my wishes for her was that she would get her magic back so she could return to the badass witch that she is. Thank God we weren’t disappoint and we got to see Bonnie come back stronger than she ever was. My favourite scene of her in the finale was when she thought she wasn’t strong enough to stop the Hell fire and save everyone, but Enzo told her she could and she wasn’t alone. And then the whole Bennett witch-line appeared. OMG, how amazing was this moment, right? Can we please get a Bonnie Bennett spin-off show? PLEASE?

The one thing I am sad about for Bonnie was that her and Enzo didn’t get their happy ending. I understand there always has to be tragedy as that is just realistic, but I didn’t want it to be for them. Here’s hoping Bonnie finds happiness and lives a long beautiful life. If you love Bonnie as much as me, or want to, here is a post dedicated to reasons why you should love her.

#9 Bringing closure to Stefan and Damon brother-ship

As stated before, the most important relationship on the show was the relationship between the Salvatore brothers — Damon and Stefan. In the finale, we got to see these two get the closure they always wanted. Now, both brothers can move on from the past and have a guilt-free conscience from all the things that caused tension before. Despite me not wanting any of the brothers to die, it was sweet to see both of them offering to save the other, but the end result was truly epic. Damon showed a side Stefan always knew he had which is why he knew he needed to die to let Damon live out that side of himself. I just wish there was a way none of them could have died. All in all, we love you so much Damon and Stefan. You both will be missed on my screen every week!

#10 Bringing back the season 1 feels to the show

Season 8 began and ended with very much season 1 feels. It started in the first episode when we saw Damon channeling his old self by lying on roads to target his next victim. Then, in the last episode we saw Elena writing in her diary, in the graveyard, and a crow (yes, a CROW) appears and boom – there walks Damon. I LOVED what they did here, and I feel it rounded off the show perfectly. It was what fans needed to see as the show came to an end.

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The Originals returns for season 4 on Friday, March 17 at 8pmEST on The CW

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