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‘The Magicians’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk ep 2×08, “Word is Bond”

The Magicians recap: Season 2, Episode 8, “Word is Bond”, Aired Mar. 15, 2017

Those are some set of repercussions for last week’s heist and Julia’s exorcism. Turns out that getting rid of Julia’s unborn demi-god also meant losing her shade. If Martin/The Beast was all for her going shadeless earlier in the season, then this turn of events definitely can’t be good. So far that heavy weight that’s been hovering on her shoulders since last season has gone AWOL along with her shade, sense of self-preservation, and inhibitions that would keep us lesser folk from doing all kinds of crazy things. Like blowing up the sexy AF dryad.

Eliot and Quentin also had to face some serious music after last week. Q made that ‘word is bond’ pact with Niffin Alice that gave her use of his body for thirty minutes each day. He did make stipulations like, no sex and no murder. Too bad that Quentin didn’t even begin to guess what she was up to…at least not until it was too late. Also, Eliot’s spirit was stuck when his doppelganger died during the bank heist. Things didn’t look so good during the ritual to put him back to rights.

Listen in as Brad and Cort discuss the wildest twists and turns of the episode. What did you think of Niffin Alice’s plan? Can it possibly work? Will they ever find Dana and Renard’s son? Could it be someone the Magicians know?




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