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‘The 100’ 4×06 recap: “We Will Rise”

The 100 Season 4, Episode 6 recap: “We Will Rise”, Aired March 15, 2017

The Ark is toast. In the last episode, Ilian torched the Ark. Some are sad (Jaha), some are angry (the dudes attacking Ilian) and some just don’t care (Jasper). They decide to throw all of their eggs into the Nightblood basket but that means transporting a bunch of rocket fuel across some pretty dicey roads.

Nightblood lab. Raven is busy running simulations to perfect her trip to space. It’s not going well, as Murphy quips. (Love that guy.) But do you know who doesn’t love that guy? Raven. She beats that crap out of Murphy and it’s actually really sad. Luna runs in to calm her and they share a lovely moment but Raven’s starting to show her cracks, which is not good. Everyone takes a moment and Murphy stops making snarky remarks long enough to give Raven a great idea about how to land the rocket. Water!

Clarke and Niylah and the memory of Lexa. Clarke takes comfort in Niylah and obviously cares about her, but it’s clear that her heart is still with Lexa. Clarke insists that Niylah stay so she can be sure that she is safe and tells Clarke that Lexa would be so proud of her.

Med Bay. While recovering from her injuries, Octavia rests in the medical area when her big bro comes in to mend fences. Sigh, only Octavia isn’t having any of it. She is still very pissed about the whole Lincoln thing. Also in the medical unit is Ilian who got beat up by some angry Skaikru folks. Octavia warns him that his days are numbered. She is still holding on to some serious pain from Lincoln’s death. Also, everything she says sounds like a “My Chemical Romance” lyric.

Worst Road Trip EVER. While lugging the fuel to Becca’s lab, Clarke and Bellamy stop to help some injured Trikru people but things go south when they spot the Ice Nation men in the back. It seems the Ice Nation has been attacking Trikru villages and there is some major tension between the groups. When Bellamy and Roan leave Clarke with the car to find a way around the river, some Trikru attack her. Yikes. But don’t worry, Bellamy and Roan channel Fast and the Furious to rescue Clarke and save the fuel. Bellamy takes out the bad guy and saves the day!

Big Bang Theory

Trouble in the Ark. After the Ark attack, the people are getting restless and angry. They want to kill Ilian. When the angry mob comes for him, Octavia opens the door to let them in but insists that she be the one who gets to kill him. As she stands over a kneeling Ilian, Kane reminds her that that’s exactly how Pike killed Lincoln and that if she does this, she is no better than he was. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see it really hit Octavia. She runs off in tears.

Big problem. Bellamy and Clarke make it to Becca’s lab and Bellamy starts to say his goodbyes to Clarke but she stops him and insists that they will see eachother again. The sweet moment doesn’t last long when they discover a big problem. On the trip to the Becca’s lab, one of the fuel barrels was hit and drained out. Not good because in order to land the ship successfully, Raven needed every last drop of it. The news hits her really hard and she has another seizure.

What does this mean for the Nightblood plan? Are they doomed?

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May we meet again!

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