2017 Shipper Showdown: Which ‘Riverdale’ ship is your favorite?!

Hey shippers! Welcome to the Riverdale portion of the 2017 Shipper Showdown! The winner of this poll will face off against the winner of the other 2017 Shipper Showdown polls in April!

Riverdale has just begun and we are already obsessed with it and all of the love and potential love on this show! So far, there are some couples that have already made it official, like Val and Archie and Betty and Jughead. Others are just hopeful couples but that doesn’t mean we ship them any less.

In the comics, Betty and Veronica fight over Archie but that’s not the case on this show. On Riverdale, Betty has become one adorable half of #Bughead, while Archie is totally smitten with a kitten (Val of the Pussycats). Veronica did share a kiss with Archie but she hasn’t really staked a romantic claim in anyone just yet.

Also getting in on the love fest is Archie’s dad, Fred Andrews and Veronica’s mom, Hermione Lodge. These two may have a deep past but it doesn’t compare to their complex present. Hermione is married and she is mixed up in the dealings of her jailed husband. So much drama but that’s what makes it so good!

So which Riverdale couple will you pick to face off against the other ships in the 2017 Shipper Showdown?

This Poll is closed. Results were taken at 12:01am 4/1/2017. Thanks for voting! See the results here!

No matter who you pick, remember to be kind! Vote as much as you’d like! The winner of this poll will go up against the other winners of the “Shipper Showdown” polls so vote and vote some more! This poll will end April 1, 2017.

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