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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ recap: 2×14 “Moonshot”

Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 2, Episode 14, “Moonshot,” Aired March 14, 2017

NASA, Apollo 13, Reverse Flash, and Commander Steel unite to form one giant-sized episode! Legends of Tomorrow begins their season finale countdown tonight!

“Moonshot” featured some game-changer scenes and a sad farewell. Let’s check them out!

The Return of Commander Steel

Henry Heywood returns. The leader of the JSA was last seen dying at the hand of Eobard Thawne. With a twist of events Henry is currently in the 1970s placed there by Rip Hunter, to hide a piece of the Spear of Destiny.

Where did Henry hide it? Why on the moon, of course. Commander Steel has taken up work at NASA. It is through this work that he was able to input the spear fragment into the American Flag.

The Legends believe the flag is safe on the moon, until they realize the Apollo 13 flight is not following the events of history. It is now up to them to infiltrate NASA and see what has happened to Apollo 13.

The Atom and Reverse Flash head to the Moon.


This is the first game-changer events of the night. The Legends are able to infiltrate NASA. Ray shrinks down and flies to Apollo 13. There he discovers Eobard Thawne is on the ship. He has put the rest of the crew to sleep. Plenty happens from there.

  • Apollo 13 separates into two. They need the part that floated away to get home.
  • Eobard convinces Ray fixing the ship is a two-man job.
  • Ray lets Eobard go, because people tend to forget, before he was the Reverse Flash he was a scientist.

Eobard Thawne and Ray work together and fix Apollo 13!

Captain vs Captain

TumblrOn Apollo 13 two enemies work together to save their own lives. On the Waverider two friends fight for command to save their team’s lives.

Ever since Rip came back he has struggled to find his place amongst the team. So for some reason he chooses right now to argue with Sara about everything.

  1. He doesn’t agree she should use the Waverider’s shield to stop the meteor rocks.
  2. Rip gets annoyed that no one wants his advice.
  3. Captain Hunter disagrees with Sara’s plan to retrieve the other part of Apollo 13.

Rip, we do not have time for your insecurities right now. After Sara proves she is the Captain of the Waverider, (yeah she is) Rip admits he was wrong. She is the better Captain.

Rip realizes he is now a member of the team and not Captain. 

Commander Steel R.I.P

The CW

With the Apollo 13 fixed there is only one problem. The Waverider has been to severely damaged. They must cut off all power, accept for the shields. Unfortunately it isn’t enough.

Someone must open the cargo bay, while keeping the door shut on the other side. This can only be done manually. While Sara and Rip argue on who should do it, Commander Steel gets up and runs.

Nate’s Grandpa decides it is his time. At least with his death, he will have saved his grandson.

Commander Steel dies. In doing this, he saves the Legends.

Rest in piece, friend, rest in peace.

How do you think Henry’s death will affect Nate and Amaya? Do you think Eobard Thawne will be able to hurt Ray in the end, now that they have worked together? Sound off in the comments!

See you next time!

Legends of Tomorrow airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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