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6 things we’re going to miss about ‘Teen Wolf’

After nearly seven years of production, Teen Wolf wrapped its filming for good yesterday around 9.30pm PST. The last scene shot was of Tyler Posey and Holland Roden, the two original cast mains remaining on set. Creator and producer Jeff Davis announced the series wrap on the two actors, then, to the raucous crowd on cheering cast and crew members, and the numerous fans across the world watching through live social media, called out “That is the wrap on Teen Wolf!”

Teen Wolf will take its final bow this summer after 100 episodes. The show introduced us to Posey, Roden, and Dylan O’Brien and is MTV’s greatest scripted series to date. It has also harnessed a dedicated following, one that will have a hard time letting go.

Although Teen Wolf it surpassed everyone’s initial expectations, it’s not the perfect show. It peaked in its third season and ratings have been on the decline since. Still, the show has a few key characteristics that has kept us holding on, and these are perhaps what we will miss the most when the final final episode finally airs.

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There’s no doubt about it — the Teen Wolf soundtrack kicks ass. We owe this to music producer Laura Webb, who has selected the featured songs since the beginning, and Dino Meneghin, who composed the original scores, including the very memorable opening credits. The over-the-top rock and/or electronic during fight scenes that we initially laughed at quickly became a lovable quirk. Songs from never-heard-of-before artists were quickly saved on Spotify after they played during a particularly iconic scene. Despite complains about the plot or lack of lighting, Teen Wolf music has always been here for us to love.


When MTV first announced plans for Teen Wolf, they described it as a remake of the 1985 film with a “greater emphasis on horror, romance and werewolf mythology.” That didn’t mean they had to lose the funny value, and they sure did not. Teen Wolf has given us plenty of laughs, right from the very first spoken line — Scott and Stiles screaming because they scared each other. Beacon Hills’ portfolio of hilarity includes:

“My mum does all the grocery shopping.”

“We’re clubbing, you know…at the club!”


“We just met and you bit me!” “The bite…the bite is a gift.”

“I fell in a hole.”



The residents of Beacon Hills are not only really good looking, but dress incredibly well too. Fashion on Teen Wolf has become part of the characters – see Stiles’ plaid flannels, Scott’s jackets, and Isaac’s scarves. There are blogs dedicated to identifying the items worn on the show and helping fans find purchases.

The queen of fashion is undeniably Lydia Martin (played by Holland Roden). Even when she no longer kept up appearances as the school queen bee, the strawberry blonde banshee continued to serve up looks with her floral dresses and heeled boots. Fans of the character are dying to add these to their wardrobes:

teen wolf lydia
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Teen Wolf fans love knowing how production is going, and the cast and crew have kept us well fed. Little BTS videos or photos not only provide material for us to overanalyze and speculate on, they give us a glimpse of life on set. Some things you might find on the Teen Wolf set are dogs, lots of fake blood, and actors being goofy while not filming.

BTS stuff is also really cool because we get to see what Beacon Hills really looks like in the studio. Crew member Tyler Schnabel recently posted a series of photos from the previous seasons, featuring some of Teen Wolf’s biggest sets and locations. It’s pretty mind blowing to think the Japanese garden the 3b finale wasn’t entirely CGI-ed.

teen wolf bts
image: @tylerschnabel on instagram


Oh, the heart and soul of Teen Wolf. This show would be nothing without the amazing friendship of Scott and Stiles, which has gifted us great scenes time and again. These two have seen each other through the best and worst of times and come out as brothers. Making it a hundred times better is the real-life friendship between Tyler Posey (Scott) and Dylan O’Brien (Stiles). The times when they share the screen are always the funniest, most heartbreaking, or most heartwarming.

teen wolf sciles
image: tumblr

Other notable friendships are that of Allison and Lydia, Scott and Isaac (that was HILARIOUS), Lydia and Malia, Scott, Stiles and Liam (hilarious 2.0), and Mason and Liam. Even the not-so-friendly relationships were a joy to watch, such as Stiles arguing with Derek, and everyone shutting Theo up.

Teen Wolf also has some badass but very loving parents. Melissa McCall literally brought her son back to life. Every Stilinski hug melts hearts. With scene-stealer Chris Argent and the redeemed Natalie Martin thrown into the mix, it sometimes seems as if Teen Wolf doesn’t feature four core families, just one gigantic one.

teen wolf parents
image: @melissaponzio1 on instagram


We could never forget romance! Romantic relationships have been a staple feature of Teen Wolf since the beginning, so much that they get a section of their own. We started with Scott and Allison, the star-crossed lovers. Derek and Paige were tragic. Ethan and Danny were cute while they lasted. Liam and Hayden make out way too much, and some of the parents got some action recently. And in the longest-running love story of all, Stiles and Lydia finally came together after years of crushes, banter, glances, touches, jealousy, saving each other’s lives, locker room kisses, and ripping a hole in space and time. Bonus points for proud Scott lingering in the background.

teen wolf scott stiles

teen wolf lydia
images: tumblr

The catchphrase of the the show’s season 6a was “Remember”, and Teen Wolf has given us a lot to do just that. We may never turn on our TVs (or livestreams) at 9/8c every Monday or Tuesday to hear “Previously on Teen Wolf…” ever again, but the show will always be in our hearts.

“Teen Wolf will live on forever.” — Tyler Posey

Goodbye Beacon Hills, and thank you for the memories.

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