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‘Once Upon a Time’: Fanfic and art that highlights the talents of the fandom

Fandoms have so much power. And with that power, comes creative musing from Once Upon a Time fan accounts. I will admit that I have a fandom account (did I say that out loud?), but because of that, it is how I came to discover all of the talent in fandoms.

Oftentimes, when I get bored with doing school work, I’ll scroll through Twitter and see art, edits, podcasts, and writings from accounts in the Once Upon a Time fandom. I am always blown away by the talent, and I am envious of their amazing creative skills. Seriously, I can barely draw a stick person. The art that comes from this fandom is literally insane!

As for fanfic, I never dabbled in the world of fanfiction until winter break when I knew the 3 month hiatus was coming. Suffice to say, I have become a fanfic addict, and it is because of the writers in the fandom who can parallel the character’s so well from the show. Fanfic comes in all shapes and forms: AU, canon, fluff, smut, etc. You name it — it’s probably out there. I wanted to showcase some fellow Oncers, so I looked around and asked for submissions (there’s many more, trust me).

Fan Art from Twitter

This looks so much like human-Emma! Wish realm Emma drawn by Elise:

Elise (@KilliansBae)

A creative twist to what makes Emma Swan thee Emma Swan. Piece titled “The Elements of Emma” by Kat:

Kat (@_LadyKillian_)

All of Kristin’s works are fantastic, but let’s throw it back with Captain Swan’s first kiss:

Kristin (@flipperbrain)

An edit that just pulls at all the feels by @xswanjonesx:


I saw this image when Jennifer Morrison posted it, and I loved it! Some of Emma Swan’s iconic outfits done by Jaclyn:

Jaclyn (@CapnMarshmallow)

I wanted to share this one from Maria because who doesn’t like a drawing of the upcoming (SPOILER) nuptials between Emma and Hook?

Maria (@maxie6791)

Now, let’s get to some fanfics:

In addition to drawing, Elise also writes fanfic! You can find her work here.

You should definitely check out this AU featuring our favorite true love couple, Emma and Hook written by @librarybelle.

Here are some fanfics for you more adventurous, mature fanfic readers by @captainswanismyendgame.

Last but not least, a podcast of Captain Swan fangirls (Sarah, Jmo, Jenna, Gabby, Lindsay, Kim, Raechel and Justine) that you should give a listen to if you’re a Oncer.

There is so much talent in this fandom. As I said, there is so much more talent out there, but how amazing are these talented fans? Seriously, they make me want to sign up for art classes. They also make me wish I stayed dedicated to writing fics. Thanks to my lovely twitter friends who submitted me their art, you all rock!

(Feature image by Cinema Blend)


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