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‘Star Wars Rebels’ review 3×19: “Double Agent Droid”

Star Wars Rebels review: Season 3, Episode 19, “Double Agent Droid,” Aired March 11, 2017

The latest episode of Rebels answers a few long-standing, important Star Wars questions. Do androids sing? And what do bathrooms – I mean refreshers, look like in space? Let’s look at some highlights of the latest droid-centric episode of Star Wars Rebels.


Evil Chopper Is a Lot Nicer Than Good Chopper


While Chopper and AP-5 are on a mission to gain access codes for an upcoming attack on Lothal, the Imperial forces aboard the listeners’ ship take control of Chopper in order to find the location of Phoenix Squadron’s base.

So how does the Ghost’s crew realize Chopper’s been compromised? Well, AP-5 notices something’s amiss right away when Chopper calls the other droid the better leader and starts to use Imperial codes. AP-5 tries to alert Wedge and the Ghost crew that something’s off with everyone’s favorite trash can, but, as usual, no one takes the droid seriously. It’s only when Wedge notes that Chopper’s been curiously nice to him that they start to suspect that something might wrong with the droid. Eventually, the crew is able to bring the old Chopper back.


AP-5 Is Marvin From Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


I half expected the pessimistic AP-5 to start quoting Marvin at some point during the episode. This quote from Marvin, “I’d make a suggestion, but you wouldn’t listen,” is fairly fitting for this episode, since AP-5 repeatedly tells everyone something’s wrong with Chopper, but no one listens to him until it’s almost too late. It’s no surprise that he would rather have been left alone in the vast emptiness of space than rejoin the crew.

Once the Rebels finally catch on, Chopper has already taken over the ship and they send AP-5, against his wishes, outside of the Ghost to override the hatch controls. He manages to complete his task just before the ruthless Chopper starts to fire at him and then launches him into space. Interestingly, AP-5 finds floating in space quite calming. He has something akin to a Disney princess moment when these space birds appear and begin to circle him as he starts to sing, “It’s easy to see, I fit perfectly in this wonderful, beautiful –” Unfortunately for AP-5, his Disney moment comes to an abrupt end when the Ghost appears to rescue him.

Perhaps this scene was meant to set the groundwork for a future musical episode? Probably not, but we can dream.


Hera Will Destroy Your Entire Ship If You Mess With Her Droid


Hera was extra fierce in the final moments of this episode. One thing you can say with absolute certainty about the Ghost’s captain is that she will do everything in her power to protect her crew. We hardly see Hera getting angry – even when Kanan was blinded, she didn’t seem as angry as she did when she was addressing the Imperials who tampered with Chopper.

She comes up with a plan to fry the Imperial ship’s memory core, which causes the entire ship to explode. So, quick recap. Imperials messed with Hera’s droid, and she blows them all up – and that was a pretty sizeable ship. The last thing those Imperials saw before they died was the angry and remorseless face of Hera as she says, “Say goodbye to your memory core.” Cue explosion.

Favorite Moments

  • The droids trolling Wedge in the beginning of the episode and then interrupting him in the refresher
  • The droids’ bickering, particularly when they started quoting “Anything You Can Do” from Annie Get Your Gun

Next Week

It’s almost here! Fans have been waiting for this showdown since the Season 3 trailer dropped. “Twin Suns” airs next week!

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