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‘Once Upon a Time’ 6×12: “Murder Most Foul”

Once Upon a Time recapSeason 6, Episode 12, “Murder Most Foul” Aired March. 12, 2017  

Let me preface this recap by saying that I am super overwhelmed by this episode. In a good way. I don’t remember the last episode where I was on the edge of my seat. Again, this was a jammed pack episode, so bare with me. Okay, let’s see if I can type this in intelligible wording .

A Charming reunion


We flashback to the…umm…whatever David’s real last name is family back in the Enchanted Forest. We meet his father finally, but then Rumple comes popping into their home unannounced. Honestly, Rumple, did you learn no form of respect as a child? He forces David’s parents to sell off James to the mighty King George.

Hook seeks out Archie


Archie seems to be getting some good business out of his services. Hook goes to Archie because he believes David just sees him as his former villainous, pirate self. He brings out the engagement ring to show Archie. Now this is where things get fuzzy for me because I was fangirling a bit. Okay, a lot. Archie is totally beaming with pride that the former pirate bought an engagement ring for Emma. He tells Hook to confront David about his intentions with Emma.

Robin’s angsty outburst


Wish realm Robin appears to be a bit of a wild card. After Regina talks to him in her house, he decides to escape to murder Sheriff Nottingham. Regina rushes to his side, pleading with him to listen to her. Robin is peeved though because this Robin she talks about isn’t him. Well it is…but it isn’t. Wow, this is confusing.

David and Hook: The ultimate bromance


Hook, the fearless pirate we’ve all come to know, is about to cry from nerves as he’s about to ask David for Emma’s hand in marriage. However, David has other plans. He tells Hook he needs a pirate to help him solve his father’s death. Hook isn’t too keen on the idea, but he decides to go along with David. Along the way, Hook keeps explaining to David he’s no longer the blood thirsty man he first met. David doesn’t pay him much attention though. Then there’s that scene where Hook makes a lame dad joke about raccoons, and the two men basically do ring-around-a-rosy in the kitchen. Have I mentioned how much I love their bromance? Because I so do, and I would not mind a whole season dedicated to that.

That Captain Swan that was just too cute for words


As Hook continues going along with David’s plan for vengeance, David goes to break into Emma’s shed. He tells Hook to keep look out. Low and behold, Emma comes sauntering back to the shed. But not before Hook grabs her and exclaims that he desperately needs to kiss her. Cue my heart melting because adorable. She giggles at her true love’s enthusiasm for her. However, Emma is too smart for that excuse, and tells him she knows he’s lying. So Hook pretty much bares his soul to her, eventually earning that kiss he was trying to steal. Can we just talk about how much you see Emma loves him? Seriously.

Flashbacks bring some darkness


Of course it isn’t smooth sailing from there. Why would it be? We visit Pleasure Island which apparently isn’t as happy of a place as it sounds. After David’s father hears James has gone missing, he vows to bring his other son back. He succeeds in his quest. Or so he thought he did. King George sentenced him to death when he refused to give James back to him.

Hook to the rescue and Captain Charming moment


David handcuffs Hook to a bike rack when Hook tells David he should give up his vengeance against King George. (What is up with the Charmings handcuffing Hook? First Emma, now David.)  David isn’t about that though, and just as he’s about to kill King George, Hook comes swooping in, pushing King George to safety. David is furious and threatens Hook. He gets super emotional, but thankfully Hook is there to clam him down.

The Charming family is growing


The moment I was waiting for: Hook asking David for his permission to marry Emma. Hook tells David that he shouldn’t worry about his family, and the way to do that is by expanding the family. Then Hook tells David his intentions with Emma to which David is speechless at first. Then after a beat, he practically fanboys at the fact of Hook proposing to Emma.

No words, just a lot of screaming


All is good in Storybrooke. Hook is on his way back home when August pulls up. He hands Hook the pages of David’s father to Hook to give to David. Hook looks down at the pages, and we are graced with another flashback. We see Enchanted Forest Hook who casually kills the king’s men. Then, the dreaded moment I feared, Hook kills David’s father. THE ANGST. However, I don’t think Hook knew that was David’s father until he saw the pages. My heart is breaking. Emma comes bounding down the stairs, happy to see Hook, telling him she made popcorn with milk duds. Interesting combo.  Totally unaware of the turmoil of Hook’s realization. I’m not okay.

Wow. That episode was crazy and intense and just amazing. Normally I’m not one to cry over TV, but I think this was a major exception. Things with Emma and Hook were going so well! What did you think of the episode? Will David forgive Hook? How do you think Emma will react? How long will this secret drag out? Hopefully not long!

Do you feel like crying after that episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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