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‘Talking TV With Liz and Lindi’ podcast recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ 7×12, “Say Yes”

The Walking Dead recap: Season 7, Episode 12, “Say Yes,” Aired Mar. 5 2017

In this episode of Talking TV With Liz and Lindi, we discuss the Rick-Michonne fueled episode. It had been quite some time that we’d seen a ton of Rick or Michonne — or Walkers for that matter. Overall, we thought the episode was filled with a ton of kickass Walker scenes, but we couldn’t help but be extremely frustrated by the end. *cough, Rosita, cough*

In this podcast, we break down:

  • What the Hell is wrong with Rosita? And now she’s dragging Sasha into this?! Sasha, you’re better than this. Don’t they realize that their selfish act of being “martyrs” is putting everyone else they love in danger? Revenge is sweet, so just wait your turn, ladies.
  • Rick and Michonne’s adventure: Are we going to judge Rick for loving his “romantic getaway” with Michonne and wanting to savor it?
  • Did Tara wait too long to tell Rick about the guns? (Assuming that’s what she was doing at the end of the episode.)
  • When will Carol just come in and save the day? We miss seeing more of badass Carol.

Listen here:

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