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‘Supergirl’ recap: The Alex Danvers episode

Supergirl recap: Season 2, Episode 15, “Exodus” Aired March 6, 2017

On Monday night’s all new Agent Danvers episode… Oh, wait, sorry. I meant, on Monday night’s all new Supergirl

That’s right! The Supergirl writers gave us a treat Monday night! It was an Agent Danvers action mini-movie. There was a lot of fighting, revenge, and feels! This episode was on another level with the stunts. Chyler Leigh was on fire!

Let’s break down the top moments of Monday’s episode!

5. Attack on Alien Bar.

The CW

Cadmus, with the help of Jeremiah, stole the alien registry. Cadmus attacks the alien bar.

  • Maggie, Winn, Alex, James, and Lyra were at the bar.
  • The  Superfriends fought them off.
  • They kidnapped Lyra.

Alex and Maggie capture one of Cadmus’ men. Winn’s concern for his girlfriend’s safety, causes Alex to perform our next top moment.

4. Alex’s enhanced interrogation techniques.

The CW

Due to J’onn and the DEO’s growing concern, people start to wonder about Alex’s loyalties. Alex continues to give her benefit of the doubt. She stresses there must be a reason he is doing all this. She refuses to accept the possibility that he has turned.

So, what better way to take out your frustrations, than to get a prisoner to talk? J’onn fails to retrieve information out of the Cadmus agent, so Alex decides to try for herself.

Let the pummeling commence. I personally, was fine with Alex beating the life out of him. J’onn, however was not. He suspends Alex until the case is closed.

3. #Sanvers Team-Up!

The CW

With everyone at odds with Alex, about Jeremiah’s involvement, there is one person still in her corner- Maggie! I am telling you what- the #Sanvers ship is strong. Maggie has Alex’s back. Together they begin there own investigation with Cadmus.

Meanwhile, Kara reaches out to Lena Luthor to try to find the Cadmus location. Once again Lena proves her loyalty and helps Supergirl find where Cadmus is holding the aliens. I have said it many times- Lena is a boss! I am so happy with her addition to the team.

2. Alex Danvers vs. Cadmus

Alex finds Cadmus’ hideout. She goes in alone. She takes out every single person. This is not an exaggeration. Agent Danvers goes bananas. We are talking White Canary-style badassery. I can’t even explain it. Here are some gifs to demonstrate!


Yes. I know. Badass.

Alex tries to stop Cadmus from shipping all of the aliens off Earth.

She jumps on the ship to turn it around. Alex is not able to override the commands.

1. Alex was right.


Kara arrives just in time. Terrified she will never see her sister again, Kara does the impossible.

She stops the ship mid-air! No one is taking her sister away! Beat that Superman!

Also, as a sidebar- I will be watching this scene again. The fear in the sisters’ eyes is devastating.

Alex and Supergirl arrive back at the DEO. Alex informs J’onn that her Father was trying to protect Kara. He made a deal with Cadmus. He would help them get rid of the aliens as long as they did not kill Kara or Alex. I disagree with Jeremiah’s decision. Cadmus has tried numerous times to kill them. Do you agree with Jeremiah’s choice? Did you tear up during that scene? Did you love Rogue Alex? Sound off in the comments!


Supergirl airs Mondays at 8/7c on The CW. Check out Pure Fandom’s new podcast, SuperTalk, and tune in each week for my recaps.


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