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‘The Flash’ season 3 episode 15 recap: “The Wrath of Savitar”

The Flash: “The Wrath of Savitar” aired March 7, 2017

Holy freakin’ Rowling. At this rate, I’m going to run out of creative alternate universe exclamations before the season ends. In this episode, The Flash hit us with so many twists and turns the way Savitar beat up Wally and later Barry. It also served the anti-valentine to last week’s lovey-dovey romance.

Barry isn’t the best fiancé

A handyman is minding his own business, fixing the large sign that says “Welcome to Central City, Home of The Flash” when not one but three speedsters race past him. Looks like adding “and Kid Flash” isn’t going to suffice. This is not a regular speedster race, but a simulation to test if Wally can save Iris. He clocks in fast enough! This time however, it’s Wally who can’t celebrate, because he sees Savitar on the building behind them.

Julian returns from London to be awkwardly greeted with almost-hugs from Caitlin. In the cortex, Team Flash gather for the big announcement: Barry and Iris are engaged!

And Cisco gets to be best man!

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Joe is shell shocked. He’s happy for them, really, but he did want Barry to go through the tradition of asking for his permission.

While responding to an alarm, Wally hallucinates Savitar attacking him in an alley. Apparently, he has been hallucinating the speedster since the burger run. Barry, uncharacteristically, sends Wally away thinking Savitar is using him to spy on them. Ouch, Barry! That is no way to treat your future brother-in-law. He then asks Julian to let him contact Savitar. Julian (rightfully) refuses to be a direct phone line to the very entity who manipulated him. In particular, he does not want Caitlin to continue associating him with Savitar, but feels better and relents after he gets to kiss her.

Julian doesn’t like Harry Potter references

“Bow before my greatness” is Savitar’s opening line via Julian. How typical. The self-proclaimed god says he and Barry are enemies in the future because there can only be one of them. He might as well have said “neither can live while the other survives” – it is Tom Felton he is speaking through. Before hanging up, he reveals he and Barry will meet soon, which will jumpstart his becoming Savitar. Say what?

Wally asks Cisco to vibe him to the future so he knows how the faithful night goes down. It’s painful seeing Wally watch his sister die. Then it gets worse – Wally discovers future Iris is not wearing her ring. Turns out, Barry thought proposing to Iris could change the future and save her. I did not see that coming. Barry tries to convince Iris that he does truly love her, but she points out they have been speeding (ha, see what I did there?) through their relationship. She is also, understandably, upset that her boyfriend did not propose out of love but out of fear. Joe brings her comfort smoothies.

Caitlin confesses to keeping a small chunk of the Philosopher’s Stone. She thought she could use it to get rid of her powers. She is the traitor in Savitar’s prophecy! (I called this…sort of.) Julian gets upset. The stone represents everything he is not proud of. He also thinks Caitlin only called him on board to help her, and not out of goodwill.

The Flash faces grammar problems

Jesse goes to comfort Wally at the West household when Wally starts seeing his mother. He soon realises it’s really another hallucination of Savitar, and rushes off to end the guy for once and for all. His plan is to throw the remaining piece of the stone back into the speedforce. But wait! Team Flash just realised the reason Savitar can’t escape the speedforce is because he does not have the whole stone in there with him! It’s a trap! Hallucination Savitar mocks Kid Flash, spurring him to open a portal. In goes the stone…and Wally gets sucked in too?!?!!!!!! All that’s left is a piece of his yellow suit.

Savitar crawls out of the portal to face The Flash, and the two speedsters fight. Or rather, Barry tries to fight and Savitar throws him around like a rag doll. To Barry’s credit, he does manage to get Savitar into a choke hold and demand his identity.

“I am the future, Flash,” Savitar declares. Or he could have said “I am the Future Flash.” Did he just tell us who he is? (See my theories post, section 1, option B.) Then he stabs Barry (non-fatally) and speeds away.

The future has begun

Team Flash realise the second part of Savitar’s prophecy has come true – Wally has taken Savitar’s place in the speedforce prison, suffering a fate worse than death (called this too). Jesse runs out crying and is consoled by HR – these two have a budding father-daughter type relationship. Joe manages to tell Barry he doesn’t blame him, but still admits he can’t lose Wally and walks out in tears. Just before Iris goes after her father, we (and Barry) notice she has taken off her ring. Oh no…

Caitlin apologises for keeping the piece of the stone, but Barry tells her he understands. She did it out of fear. He can now relate.

On the bright side: Eddie, Ronnie and Captain Cold next week!

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