‘Shadowhunters’: Our top 5 Simon Lewis ships

It comes as no surprise that Simon Lewis is a wanted man. He’s loyal, smart, funny, and just an all around good guy with pure intentions. That is definitely not something that you stumble upon very often so it’s no wonder that he’s currently taken. Despite his relationship status, we know that there’s a lot of time for a change, so we decided to name some characters that we would love to see go for Simon sometime during the show’s run!

1.  Isabelle

Yes, I know. I’m Sizzy trash. Don’t ask me why because I honestly can’t even name one specific reason. Maybe it’s because I love the slow burn and there’s been episodes on end where these two haven’t even been in the same room as each other. Instead of the lack of screen time discouraging me, it just makes me want them even more. Probably because when these two actually are together, their chemistry is insane and the play off of each other’s unique personalities always manages to bring a smile to my face. No matter what actually happens on the show, I will always be #Team Sizzy.

2. Raphael

I’m still bitter that Shadowhunters hasn’t gone down this route. Simon and Raphael went from enemies to friends (can we add “to lovers?”) and there was just something beautiful and genuine about the way Raphael cared for and protected Simon. As of lately it seems like their relationship has been a bit on the rocks, but I would give anything to see Saphael back at its finest. Whether it was intentional or not, I for one saw something special between the two and I’m always gonna ship them like there’s no tomorrow.

3. Maia

I. Love. Maia. She’s beautiful, independent, and a TOTAL badass. Her interactions with Simon were absolutely adorable and their banter was hilarious. I was honestly pretty disappointed when their romance ended two minutes into the first date and Simon took Maia’s advice to pursue Clary. While I don’t necessarily see them as an endgame ship I would love to explore their relationship more and see where it could potentially go.

4. Jace

There’s chemistry here and it’s undeniable. I love watching characters go from enemies to friends and Jace and Simon are doing just that. Okay actually we’re still working on the friends part but c’mon just give it some time. Realistically speaking, no I don’t think that these two are ever going to happen…but hey, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t! I’ll still be over here holding out hope and remembering that there’s always amazingly talented fanfiction authors to make all our dreams come true.

5. Clary

I’m personally not a huge fan of Simon and Clary. But if Simon can never find happiness with anyone else on this list and all he wants is Clary, I will officially accept them as a romantic item. They’re my fifth choice. I’m a huge advocate of romantic relationships being based off of strong friendships. That’s one of the reasons why Teen Wolf’s “Stydia” and The Walking Dead’s “Richonne” have always been a couple of my favorite ships on television. But for some reason, something about the whole Climon situation feels a little forced. The only thing I can see this doing is ruining a really great friendship and taking them absolutely nowhere. But despite everything that could go wrong, they’ve had their share of cute moments and I’ll accept anything as long as Simon is happy.

We’ve always wondered what the fan favorite Simon ship is, so why don’t you guys let us know? Tweet us your answer @pure_fandom and @realrayrays!

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