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‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8 discussion: Katherine’s plan and what’s next for Bonnie

The Vampire Diaries recapSeason 8, Episode 15, “We’re Planning a June Wedding,” Aired March. 3, 2017  

The latest episode of The Vampire Diaries was an emotional one. There was a Steroline wedding, a crazy Katherine plan involving Kelly Donovan going rogue, an explosion (causing us to fear the safety of Bonnie and the twin girls), Bonnie then working together with the girls to get them to safety, and lastly, the outcome of Katherine’s plan which leaves Bonnie’s life on the balance.

Same, girl. Same!

Let’s breakdown Katherine’s plan in more detail:

Katherine Pierce is always one step ahead of EVERYONE! Damon had came up with a plan to use the Steroline wedding to draw out Katherine, but turns out she had her very own plan. Katherine was using Kelly Donovan to do her dirty work, so she could bring Hell fire to Mystic Falls. Poor Matty just thought she was there for a family reunion, but she wasn’t at all.

Kelly went rogue and started killing innocent people (including attempting to kill Matt’s dad) in order to keep herself still alive instead of being sent back to Hell. Oh yeah, that was a real shock … Kelly actually died and was sent to Hell and no one knew, not even Matt himself — WTF! That’s why she was running around for Katherine, as the two bonded in Hello, apparently. Oh no, girl, don’t you know Katherine only cares about one person — and that’s herself.

Yes, you did! Damn you Kelly ruining things again, ugh!

Here’s Katherine’s plan (briefly):

#1 Use Kelly and get everyone to trust her

#2 Get her to steal the weapon they were making to kill Katherine

#3 Cause a gas leak – that nearly killed Bonnie and the twin girls

#4 Allow the distraction to work its magic while Katherine makes Vicki Donovan ring the bell, which will cause Hell fire to burn through Mystic Falls.

OMG — so crazy!! What has happened to the Donovan family??? I’m so mad they were all cool to betray everyone.

Let’s now discuss Bonnie:

Oh, Bonnie Bennett, you just can never catch a break, can you? Firstly, there was the heartbreaking Bonenzo moment, and then fearing she was going to die x2.

The Bonenzo moment broke me. I just cannot stop crying. WHY can’t Bonnie have a happy ending, huh? I just want her and Enzo to be together— you can really tell that they truly love each other! Their relationship is forever goals af, and I hope they can be reunited again in the future.


Enzo told Bonnie to fight and find a way to get her and the girls out alive. As the fire grew bigger, there was only one way to could survive and that was magic. The girls started to syphon Bonnie, which meant her magic is definitely still there inside her. Bon-Bon had no choice but to quickly teach the girls a spell to get them out safely and not burnt alive. As they were leaving the building, it seems as if Bonnie got control of her magic and got rid of all the fire. Does that mean she is back to being a badass witch again? YAS!

Just as we were sobbing over the fact everyone was okay, Katherine completed her plan and the bell rang loud to bring Hell fire to MF. As we remember, it wasn’t only the Siren’s who got affected, but Bonnie, too. She ends up collapsing and the fate of her life is unknown. NOOOOOO! This cannot be the way Bonnie dies? No way can they let this happen!! Let’s all pray Bonnie ain’t dead, and they find a way to keep both her and Elena alive.

Side note: how cute was this Bamon moment?

So pleased we got to see Bonnie and Damon spending some quality time together. Bamon is just adorbz!

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