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‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8 discussion: Steroline wedding recap

The Vampire Diaries recapSeason 8, Episode 15, “We’re Planning a June Wedding,” Aired March. 3, 2017  

Wedding bells rang in Mystic Falls, in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, as we finally got to watch the much awaited Steroline wedding!

Aww, how cute is this? They really do look great together here!

Let’s breakdown the Steroline wedding in full detail. Y’all ready?

We all knew Caroline and Stefan were due to get married, but the wedding date got moved up sooner than everyone thought — which was all part of an elaborate plan to draw out Miss Katherine Pierce. Since the news of Katherine being the Queen of Hell was circulating, no one felt safe until they knew where the heck she was and what she was planning. Damon pointed out a great point: Katherine is obsessed with Stefan, so what huge thing would cause her to come out of hiding? Oh, yes — a wedding to Caroline! With that, they moved the wedding date to the next day and Caroline and Stefan got ready to marry. Ahh, crazy, right? You could so tell Caroline was panicking since she’s planned this day since she was a little girl and would have thought she’d have had more time to organise it. LOL, we feel you, girl.

The wedding may have been rushed, but it turned out beautiful. Even Bonnie managed to put her feelings aside and decided to be there for her BFF on her wedding day. The thing was, no one thought the wedding would actually go all the way through to the end. They thought that Katherine would turn up and ruin it before they tied the knot, but she actually had another plan in the works (more on this in another post).

Due to that, both Caroline and Stefan hadn’t prepared vows as they thought they wouldn’t get this far, so they had to improvise. Despite the fast pace of things, their vows to each other were so beautiful and sweet. It was very personal, and it really brought to mind how long things have been in the making of them two coming together. At times, I personally forgot that Caroline was the first to have her eyes set of Stefan, even before Elena was with him, so it was nice to be reminded. I have to say, I’m really glad how nothing was interrupted at the time of their wedding and we actually got to see these two become husband and wife.

JUST LOOK HOW HAPPY STEFAN IS!!! OMG, here come my tears.

I’m so excited to see how things will pan out with Caroline and Stefan. I hope they can some how make everything work, especially with Alaric and the kids. I have to say, I got a little teary over that scene with Ric and Caroline. You could tell he was trying his best to be happy for them but it must have been really hard for him to watch Caroline marry Stefan. So, it was understandable that he didn’t attend the actual wedding — aww, poor Ric!

What were your thoughts on the Steroline wedding? Happy for them? Or, did you want Katherine to walk in and cause a scene before they could marry each other?

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