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‘Riverdale’ recap: Parents just don’t understand in Chapter Six, “Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!”

Riverdale review: “Chapter Six: Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!”, Aired Mar. 2, 2017

Things get hella complicated in this week’s episode of the CW’s Riverdale. Betty and Jughead make a surprising discovery as they search for the truth behind Jason’s death. Parental issues abound. Each week, it seems as if most of the parental units are competing for the absolute worse ever. Read a little further to find out who took the top prize. If you haven’t seen the episode, be warned that this recap contains spoilers for “Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!”.

Parents Just Don’t Understand

Since the show’s premiere, it seems that each parent in Riverdale has taken a moment to shine as the absolute worse. (Not counting Fred Andrews or Sherriff Keller).  This week, Alice Cooper once again takes the honor. Let’s take this from the top. Betty and Jughead’s investigation into Jason’s murder led Betty to her father and his vendetta against the Blossom family. You know? The whole family feud over maple syrup, thing. Anyway, this week Betty decides that she needs to find out exactly where her parents have Polly stashed.

With an assist and distraction from Jughead, Betty’s able to get into her mother’s purse long enough to snap photos of Alice’s checkbook. (Sidenote: Jughead came over for breakfast supposedly and boy did he eat like he was starving. Now that the drive-in isn’t an option, where is ol’ Juggy staying???). Betty finds out that her mother has been writing checks to something called, “The Sisters of Quiet Mercy.” That sounds nice, right. What is it? A church or some nice charity? Our young investigators look it up and find out that it’s a “home for troubled youth”. Sounds like reform school. Given what we’ve heard about Polly so far, this doesn’t sound like a place where Betty sister belongs.

Betty and Jughead have no trouble getting in to see Polly. Of course, the “good” sisters notify Alice that Polly has visitors. Mrs. Cooper doesn’t arrive in time to stop a few crucial truth bombs. Polly is knocked up, and of course it’s Jason’s baby. The young lovers were planning to run away together before the Coopers had their daughter kidnapped by the sisters. The place honestly looks like an asylum. Also, Polly doesn’t know that Jason is dead. The Coopers try to convince Betty and Jughead that Polly is delusional. Betty isn’t fooled. She and Jughead remember Polly mentioning the getaway car Jason was supposed to stash on that fateful day in July. Betty and Jughead do find the car hidden away on Route 40. They find Jason’s letterman jacket inside and drugs.

What exactly was Jason into? By the time they get Sherriff Keller to come take a look at the new crime scene, someone has set the car and evidence aflame and Polly has gone missing from “The Sisters of Quiet Mercy”. Betty is clearly upset by it all. Hopefully, some of that can be mitigated by the fact that Jughead kissed Betty Cooper and she was absolutely into it. Hello, ship! Nice to see you sailing.


I’ll Try…

This week is the 75th Variety Show at Riverdale High. Nerves are strung tight for many of our young performers and not just because they’re headed on stage to perform before some of their toughest critics. Archie starts the episode with a moment that you wonder and then hope that is a dream (nightmare) sequence. Alas, no he really did choke during the auditions. Our fave ginger who isn’t Cheryl Blossom didn’t even manage a note before he was hurrying off stage. Lucky for Archie, he’s got a great friend in Veronica Lodge. V manages to talk Kevin into letting Archie be a part of the variety show based on Archie playing his music for his small group of friends.

Thinking he needs a partner to help offset his stage fright, Veronica volunteers, but ultimately it is Valerie who partners with Archie. This causes a fracture in the usually solid and amazing Pussycats. After finding out Val’s intent, Josie lays down the law and tells bandmate that she can’t split her attention between playing with Archie and being a Pussycat. Val is too through with being dictated to and relegated to acting only as backup, and the trio is no more. At least until Veronica talks Josie into taking her on since Val has taken her spot as Archie’s singing partner.

The episode offers a deeper glimpse into Josie’s life at home. Her mom is the mayor of course, but her dad spends much of his time on the road and he’s hypercritical of everything Josie does. He thinks it is a mistake that Val is no longer with the group. He turns out to be a complete ass. As can be seen at the dinner party/business proposal meeting that Hermione and Fred put together. It is unclear just exactly what it would take for Josie to please the man. At one point, he proves to be so disappointed in his daughter and in the Pussycats that he leaves in the middle of the show. Ashleigh Murray (Josie) plays the moment so fantastically. Josie’s heartbreak reaches through the screen and pulls you in. Mayor McCoy can be shady and controlling, but she is ever supportive of her daughter. Loved her for being there to pick up the pieces when Miles just takes off.

Also experiencing daddy issues? Veronica. Young V and Josie actually bond over these issues. Hermione and Fred appear to be starting something despite Hermione’s hesitation last week. Veronica spots her mom kissing Archie’s dad, and young Miss Lodge is just not having it. She puts her foot down. How can her mom possibly kiss another man when she’s still married to Veronica’s dad? What will happen to her parents when her father eventually is released from prison? Fred is the last straw in a sea of changes. Veronica tells her mother as much when Hermione approaches the young woman needing her signature for a land deal that could benefit Fred’s company.

Veronica later agrees to sign off on the deal, if her mother will agree to stop dating Mr. Andrews. That’s a non-starter for Hermione. Which leaves things at a stalemate. Knowing that Fred needs the construction job for the old Twilight Drive-in to keep his business going, Hermione forges her daughter’s signature. (Sidenote: How shady is it that Hiram and Hermione put Veronica’s name on that business to start?) Veronica looks pissed when she finds out. Can’t wait to see what that fall out looks like.

Archie makes his singing debut on stage without the safety net of having a partner at his side. He doesn’t want to be the guy who broke up the Beatles (Pussycats). Focusing on the unwavering support from his dad in the audience, Archie SLAYS the crowd. That young man has a great voice.

So what did you think of the episode? Seriously, which of our gang is putting up with the absolute worst parent in Riverdale? Were you excited to see Val and Archie or was it Betty and Jughead that left you sighing? Will Betty and Jughead ever include the others in their “Scooby-Doo” adventures? I really hope so. We’ve seen Archie dealing with romance, music, and football from week-to-week. Let’s see Archie, Veronica, and Kevin join in on the hunt for Jason’s killer. Kevin did contribute to the murder board so…come on Roni and Archikins. What are you bringing to the table?


Until next week, be sure to check out fellow, Purefandom writer, Meg Bonney’s  running theories speculating the identity of Jason’s killer. First up? The not so angelic, Betty Cooper. (link)


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