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‘The Flash’ season 3 episode 14 recap: “Attack on Central City”

The Flash recap: “Attack on Central City”, aired March 31 2017.

Oh. My. Gosling. (That’s probably an exclamation on Earth 237 or something.)

I’m gonna go straight to the part we’re all still screaming about: BARRY PROPOSED!!!!

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The Flash culminated it’s belated Valentine’s/Friends Day episode with the Flash himself getting down on one knee, leaving Iris – and all of us – speechless.

On hindsight, maybe the writers were dropping us hints with the Westallen domesticity at the start of the episode. We open with Iris waking up to Barry’s proof he is husband material cooking. And I was totally expecting Iris to pop the question at Star Labs when she asks Barry “Will you be my valentine friend?” Boy was I in for a treat later.

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Friends Day!

For the record, Friends Day should be a thing on all earths, not just Earth 19. HR has decorated the speed lab, much to Harry’s distaste. The two Wellses have a short discussion about their “subtle differences” while Harry brushes his teeth. Tom Cavanagh does great playing opposite himself.

HR has made cards for everyone, complete with speedster pickup lines. Harry, on the other hand, doesn’t have much holiday spirit, much less when Jesse tells him she wants to stay on Earth 1. Surprisingly, he doesn’t throw a fit, only accepts Jesse’s decision after confirming that yes she is happy with Wally.

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Meanwhile, Cisco bemoans his permanent residence in the friendzone. Just as Caitlin tells him the girl for him is “right around the corner”, Gypsy breaches into the room and vibe-blasts him. She also takes down Barry before Harry shoots her (a nice throwback to when he first met Barry in season 2).

Return of the Gypsy…and Grodd

Team Flash realise Grodd must have used Gypsy to cross into Earth 1. Cisco wonders why Grodd can now telepathically control people who aren’t from Earth 1, and Barry realises Grodd is evolving. That means they need to think ever further ahead – into the future. Gypsy won’t help, but reveals that Luke Skywalker is Luke Starkiller on Earth 19, so Cisco reluctantly lets her return to her home.

Meanwhile, Harry enlists Wally to help him modify Cisco’s vibe gear. He actually wants Wally’s engineering knowledge and not to give the third degree, but implies he is terminally ill. He doesn’t want to tell Jesse, which Team Flash should know better than to do by now.

Cisco vibes that Grodd will probably attack Central City via the bridge. Instead, Grodd compels Joe to shoot himself in the head. Fortunately, Barry pushes Joe just out of the way. They realise this is a distraction, but for what? We the viewers know: Grodd was attacking a military general.

Joe unleashes his inner artist

Wally (who has learnt his lesson about keeping secrets, bless him) tells Jesse that she should return to Earth 2 with her dying father. Instead of getting upset, Jesse gets angry and confronts Harry. Turns out his being sick was an act to dissuade her from staying.

Meanwhile, Iris’ Emo Barry Radar goes off, and discovers he is considering killing Grodd. However, she refuses to let him compromise his values and humanity just to change the future and save her. Barry isn’t convinced, but later Harry flat out tells him to listen to Iris. Killing isn’t a path for honourable people like Barry.

Harry suggests they use magnets to uncover what Joe saw in Grodd’s mind. The magnets cause Joe to draw the same general Grodd attacked…and is now mind controlling to set off some nuclear missiles. To cancel the firing, Barry needs a 5-digit passcode. Thankfully, these missiles do not have modern technology that triggers self-destruction/manual lockdown when you key in the wrong passcode more than three times. Barry speeds his way through thousands of incorrect combinations until he gets the correct code. Immediate crisis averted! But now, Grodd is starting the charge on Central City.

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BadGorilla vs SuperGorilla: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

I’m sorry about that subheading, but I couldn’t help it seeing two hulking apes charge towards each other.

Cisco travels to Earth 19 and successfully convinces Gypsy to help, and they bring the dethroned Solovar to Earth 1. Grodd and Solovar end up scaling and fighting on top of a building. With slight King Kong-ery, Solovar throws Grodd off said building, and we have a long shot of Grodd falling. He doesn’t die, and Barry stops Solovar from finishing the job. They breach all the gorillas back to Gorilla City and send Grodd to ARGUS.

With Grodd defeated, Gypsy leaves for Earth 19, but smooches Cisco good before she leaves. Everyone else’s eyes go wide.

image: the Flash twitter

Wally assures Harry that he would never hurt Jesse, and the man returns to his earth as well.

Iris checks in at work and comes home to a candlelit apartment. Barry tells her that they should make the future their future. He takes out a box, gets down on one knee and…launches into a sweet story about his great grandparents. Then he pops the question. We don’t see Iris’ answer because of the show’s well-timed scene cuts. Darn it!

For once, we don’t end in the Westallen apartment, but at the old West residence. Wally heads out to get some Big Belly Burgers for Jesse (like father, like daughter). Along the way, he runs into Savitar! How did the guy get there?!? Never mind that – run, Wally, run!

Side notes:

  • “I wonder how the other Wells brushes his teeth.” “You mean the murderer?”
  • Draco Julian was at Hogwarts in London so he didn’t get to reprise his Indiana Jones and the Planet of the Apes role. He also got friendzoned by Caitlin.
  • Caitlin mused about Grodd and King Shark being cage-mates. Is that foreshadowing?
  • Wally’s favourite movie is an old monochrome film, who knew?

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