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‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8 discussion: The Queen of Hell – Katherine Pierce

The Vampire Diaries recapSeason 8, Episode 14, “It’s Been a Hell of a Ride,” Aired Feb. 24, 2017  

OMG — what an ending that was in the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries! Our favorite badass bitch is back, and I cannot wait to see what evil shenanigans she gets up to now that she is the Queen of Hell.

(I am SHOOK! How exciting is it that we will be seeing KP back before the show ends?)

Let’s breakdown the all important deets leading up to the big reveal of a Kat Pierce return:

Stefan, or as Kai likes to call him — Stefano (LOL), decides to take matters into his own hands and reveals he is going to kill Cade, no matter what the costs may be. Obvi, with Stef now being a human, this is just a suicide mission, but he just DGAF. Stefan basically wants to atone for all the pain and suffering he has caused and one way he sees to do that is by killing Cade (and Hell along with him) — since it was his fault Cade was even there. Damon is all like, “Brother, are you CRAZY? No. Just NO!” But, Stefan is just too set on his ways … so before Damon can stop crazy Stef, Stefan injects him with vervain, and then rushes off to follow his death wish plan. Ugh, Stefan, you’re going to get your sorry ass killed!

Stefan then comes face-to-face with Cade. He has the danger, which can kill Cade, and threatens him with his life. Cade basically laughs in his face as Stefan is no match to him now he is human. Ahh, but little did he know, Stef had a plan up his sleeve: Alaric rings the bell (the one that brought him there), which weakens Cade — just enough for Stefan to stab him with the dagger.

The plan seems to be going great until Kai breaks loose in the Armory, meaning Alaric abandons ship. With no more bell ringing, that means Cade is no longer weakened — and oops, back to where they once were: human Stefan vs the Devil himself, Cade. Before anything too crazy happened, at least Damon turned up in time.

However, the tables turn and Damon is forced to choose between Elena or Stefan’s soul in trade for handing over Cade’s dagger. Stefan pleads to Damon to let him die but no way was Damon letting his bro die. He sacrifices himself in order to save both Elena and Stefan. And with that, Damon stakes himself and his soul gets took to Hell. NOOOO!

Then comes the standoff  between Cade and Bonnie. Bonnie is psychically linked along with Cade, and refuses to let him take Damon’s soul to Hell. They battle it off and Bonnie even risks herself dying, in order to save Damon’s life (nice little Bamon moment). Before things seemed to be ending in a horrible way, Stefan saves the day and daggers Cade -—which disintegrates his body, and saves Damon from being sent to Hell and Bonnie’s life too. Yay for the being hero, Stef!

Everyone is ecstatic as they have just killed the Devil and also destroyed Hell along with him. Ahhh, well that’s what they thought anyway. Turns out, Kai Parker played them, AGAIN. When they killed Cade, they didn’t destroy Hell, they only made space for another ruler to take over. And I quote:

The myth, the legend, the baddest bitch of all … Katherine Pierce!

Yup, Katherine Pierce truly is a survivor.

What does this mean that Katherine Pierce is now ruling Hell?

Now that the fierce Katherine Pierce is the new ruler of Hell, I can only imagine that the Salvatore’s and Co. will very much soon know what Hell on earth truly feels like. I don’t think she will be so forgiving for the way things went down when she died, so I’m sure she is going to cause as much pain and destruction as she can. With her new power making her so feared, she will be unstoppable. I can just see her and Kai laughing away together in Hell, while thinking about all the torturous things they can do to people. I am excited/scared to know what these two really have planned. Thoughts on what’s next for Kat?

I can just imagine her turning up to Mystic Falls like:

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