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‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8 discussion: Kai Parker’s return and Bonenzo’s reunion

The Vampire Diaries recapSeason 8, Episode 13, “The Lies Are Going to Catch Up with You,” Aired Feb. 17, 2017 

As usual, the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries did not fail to disappoint. (FYI, this makes me super happy as I am glad the show is going out with a BANG – rather than it ending not on peak level).

In 8×13, we saw human Stefan being shot and nearly dying; Caroline sorting out Stefan’s mess, as all his compulsions on people started to wear off now that he is human; Kai Parker being up to no good; Damon making a deal (with another Devil, aka Kai) to keep him out of Hell so he can bring back Elena; Bonnie turning to Cade to find her way back to Enzo; Bonnie and Enzo reuniting; Stefan and Caroline having a fallout (surely that isn’t the end of Steroline?); and lastly, Ric and Caroline having to deal with their twin’s siphoning problem.

Let’s breakdown two important moments: Kai Parker’s return and Bonenzo reuniting, in more detail:

#1 Kai Parker’s return to Mystic Falls

Kai Parker will always be my favorite baddie that has ever been on TVD. Kai is brutal, unpredictable, powerful, and emotionless. He also shows no remorse, meaning there is zero good left in him, which makes him one of the most epic villains of all time. So, when he popped up at the end of 8×12, I could not wait to see what would happen in the next ep.

Turns out Kai isn’t fully here in Mystic Falls. Yes, everyone can see him, and he can interact with everyone around him, but he is still one foot in Hell, and time is running out for him. Damon makes a deal with him as he is the only one who could save both Bonnie and Elena and wake Elena up. For their safety, Damon promises to find a way to keep him away from Hell permanently.

I’m thinking the only way to do this is to kill Cade, or the new findings of a new world that Bonnie has created could mean a loophole. If Bonnie sends Kai to that other place she created when Enzo died, that could mean Kai is hidden from Cade, safe, but also not fully here. Seems fair enough to me. The only issue is, Kai cannot be trusted, so I can’t fully believe he will do anything for the good of his health. Thoughts on what Kai is truly up to? Another question to ask is, if Kai is here, did anyone else escape Hell?

LOL, how funny was Kai trying to find out if Bonnie had missed him. My favorite part was when he drew a love heart in the steamed up car window – Kai, you are an evil creep but we love you! (Despite him being evil AF, I love his weird obsession with Bon-Bon.)

#2 Bonenzo reuniting

Guys, FINALLY we saw Bonnie and Enzo reuniting, and it was truly beautiful!

Bonnie turns to Cade to find a way to reconnect with her lover, but turns out Cade has ulterior motives in helping her (like, duh, he is the Devil!). We find out Enzo isn’t in Hell – he is in another dimension that Bonnie created with her scream when Enzo died (just like what happened when Cade died and he created Hell). What’s even more interesting, is that Cade cannot see or reach into that place. Meaning, those who are there are safe from Cade and cannot be dragged to Hell. Does this mean Bonnie has made a heaven? Obvi, this has pissed off Cade as he wants Enzo’s soul for himself. Looks like he will be doing all that he can to find a way to stop Bonnie’s connection to the dimension/world she has created, so he can keep taking as many souls as he can.

Another interesting thing from this news is that, this has never been done since Cade. So, what does that make Bonnie? Why is she the only person to have done this? I’m really intrigued to know more about the depths of Bonnie’s powers. Do you think we will be seeing Bonnie getting her full magic back soon?

Back to Bonnie and Enzo… Just LOOK at the way they gaze at each other. I just cannot get enough of these two. Ladies and gents, find yourself an Enzo. #Bonenzo

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