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‘The Flash’ season 3 episode 13 recap: “Attack on Gorilla City”

The Flash recap: “Attack on Gorilla City”, aired Feb 21, 2017.

What an episode! Tom Felton references, multiple Wellses, and the Team Flash meta-trio each getting to use their powers. What more could we ask for?

Return of the Jesse

Picking up from last week, Jesse (who has cut her Star Labs sweatshirt into a cute off-the-shoulder tee) explains how her father followed a cryptic invitation to Gorilla City. The expedition team was found dead, with Harry Wells missing. Barry, Cisco and Caitlin decide to head to Earth 2, leaving Wally and Jesse to protect Earth 1 Central City.

Wally is happy to show Jesse his newfound powers, but she doesn’t seem as excited as he is. She even hangs back while he takes out some bank robbers. Iris and Joe assure Wally it’s nothing he did – Jesse is just worried about her dad. Later, Jesse reveals to Wally that she’s disappointed they never really kept in touch after she went back to Earth 2, and can’t help thinking he only liked her for her speed. Wally delivers a really cheesy line about how he won’t be complete without Jesse, but it’s not enough to get her out of her funk.

Jesse hides in a tunnel in Star Labs where she encounters HR, who turns out to be a huge romantic. In a sort-of father-daughter conversation, HR tells Jesse that when it comes to love, “go for it”.

Planet of the Apes

Meanwhile, Team Flash figure Grodd wants Harry to help him open a breach so the gorillas can attack E1 Central City. This gives them a major opportunity to change the future. If they can prevent a gorilla attack, they will change the news headline, and might prevent Iris’ murder entirely.

Barry asks Julian to cover for him at work while he’s in Earth 2. Julian, now more understanding of Barry’s life outside the CCPD, is fascinated by the multiverse and Gorilla City.

“Are you going to Planet of the Apes?” he asks/exclaims, excitement clear on his face. I’m a diehard Potterhead, but I like this reference to Tom Felton’s other works more than the I did the Philosopher’s Stone. Anyway, Julian is really enthusiastic about this field trip, so instead of covering for Barry, he covers for both of them and shows up to Star Labs in a great expedition outfit. Speaking of outfits, Cisco looks like a grown-up Jay from Descendants with that red beanie.

The expedition team are kidnapped by the gorillas almost as soon as they arrive on Earth 2. They awake in cages where Barry and Cisco’s powers are not working – Grodd must have somehow put a damper on them. The gorilla speaks to the team through Harry. He claims he needs Barry’s help to defeat Solovar, the ruler of Gorilla City who wants to overthrow the human race. Grodd promises that if he takes Solovar’s place, he will spare Central City. Barry challenges Solovar to a duel. If he wins, he and his friends go free, but if Solovar wins, they will all die.

Speedster vs Super Gorilla

During the duel, Solovar quickly gains the upper hand. An initially hopeful Julian bemoans the “reversal” of their fates. The word sticks with Cisco, who instructs Barry to use Reverse Flash’s vibrating hand technique. Barry vibro-chops Solovar just as the giant gorilla is about to pummel him.

Barry declares to the spectating gorillas that he shall spare Solovar’s life in an act of mercy. He hopes this will show the gorillas that they need not fear humans and attack them. It’s all for naught, however, because this was merely a ploy to get Solovar out of the way so Grodd can lead his charge on E1 Central City himself.

Cisco suggests someone kill him – if he is dead, Grodd doesn’t have anyone to help him open the breach to Earth 1. Somehow it falls on Caitlin to freeze Cisco to death, even though Barry is sitting right there. (Just as well, no one wants to think about speedsters vibrating their hands through Cisco’s heart.) Indiana – I mean Julian – is very concerned about Caitlin killing someone – it could turn her into Killer Frost. He didn’t come all the way here to see her become someone she is not. Caitlin decides they will not murder each other. Fake murder, on the other hand…

Caitlin freezes Barry and pretends that he probably succumbed to internal injuries. For some reason, Grodd decides to drag Barry’s body out of the cell. Once the gorilla leaves, Barry vibrates himself back to “life” and frees everyone. He then runs everyone out into the jungle where they breach back to Earth 1 before Grodd catches them.

All is Well(s)…for now

Harry and Jesse reunite. While her father gets some rest after his ordeal, Jesse tells Wally she is considering staying on Earth 1 with him. Wally, overjoyed, kisses her (aww) and the two share a cute moment…until HR interrupts and tells them to invite him to the wedding. HR might not have the brightest mind, as Harry reminded the team, but matters of the heart are right up his alley.

Somewhere outside, Caitlin confesses to Julian her fear of becoming Killer Frost, and he invites her to get steak with him. Yep, those two definitely have something going on.

Finally, Barry and Iris are lounging in their apartment, basking in the fact that they have seemingly avoided Iris’ death. Barry believes the team proved they could change the future without compromising themselves, and tells Iris he intends to have a long future with her. They seal it with a kiss. Weekly Westallen love declaration quota fulfilled.

Unfortunately for Barry, he hasn’t gotten his happily ever after yet. On Earth 2, Grodd and his Gorilla army have suited up and are about to cross into Earth 1 with the help of…Gypsy! I didn’t think we would see her again so soon.

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