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‘The 100’ 4×04 recap: “A Lie Guarded”


The 100 Season 4, Episode 4 recap: “A Lie Guarded”, Aired Feb. 22, 2017

We are back for another episode of crazy, ya’ll! So to catch you up, Clarke has made a list of 100 folks that will be saved when the radiation hits. The list is super practical but it doesn’t make the situation any easier. While the Sky Crew continues to work on that ship, their fate continues to be uncertain. In the last episode, they found a ray of hope with Luna’s blood but in order for it to help anyone, they need to figure out how to make Nightblood. Can they find the lab to do it? Let’s find out! Check out our recap of the latest The 100!

Jasper the Joker. Let’s start with Jasper. He is still struggling with his issues and continues to embrace the end of humanity with a smirk. He “floats” Jaha but not like you think. He puts him on a raft in the pond. Oh, Jasper. He also fakes everyone out about the acid rain. Not cool bro.

Nightblood Serum. Abby, Raven, Luna, Murphy, Nate and Emori head to the lab that Becca used to create the Nightbloods. They plan to use it to keep everyone alive when the radiation hits. They cross a literal line on the island and they are attacked by drones! AHHH! They run for cover. Nyko sacrifices himself to save Luna and when he dies, she runs away. Not good.

Papa Kane. Kane is no longer cool with the way Octavia is behaving. He thinks she is being reckless so he gives her a good talking to and sends her away. He is summoned to the King and we see that Echo has captured Bellamy and some dude! Roan wants answers and gets pissed when he thinks that Kane is hiding info. He ends their alliance and kills the random dude from the Sky Crew. Shit is ON.

Camp Moral Dilemma. Monty and Jasper break into the Chancellor’s office to pull another prank and find Clarke’s list. Monty knows about the ship’s capacity but Jasper doesn’t. Let’s just say, he doesn’t take the new well and freaks out when he realizes that Clarke made a list of only 100. He tries to make an announcement about it but Clarke throws him in jail. Another not cool thing? Monty isn’t on the list but he gets it. Monty confronts Clarke about her hiding the info from Sky Crew and when she refuses to come clean with everyone, he reads the list on the speaker. Not cool. But shouldn’t every surviving member of the original 100 have been on the list? They are the reason they are even on the ground and alive. Everyone freaks out but don’t worry, Jaha talks them down.

Islanders. On the island, they decide to split up to find Luna. Emori wants to bail but Murphy is clearly conflicted. Raven can’t run with them because of her injury. She stays back and tries to get to the downed drone. As she tries, Luna shows up. Raven and Luna have a heart to heart about why Luna should stay and help humanity. The rest of the crew is under attack from the drones so Luna runs to grab the downed drone for Raven and she gets it! Raven busts open the drone and disengages them because she is a BOSS. They get to the lab, all thanks to her.

Octavia. Ice Nation has declared war on Tree Crew and Sky Crew. They murdered a bunch of folks and are hunting Octavia. Run Sky Ripper! Octavia is chased down by Echo and the Ice Nation goons. Roan wants her taken alive but Octavia refuses to go quietly. Octavia and Echo face off in an epic battle but Echo stabs her and pushes her off a cliff! NOOOO!

Dungeon buds. Kane and Bellamy are still locked up when Roan and Echo walk in. Roan wants to take Arkadia from the Sky Crew. Bellamy says that Octavia will get there first and warn them, but then Echo breaks his heart by showing him Octavia’s sword. He thinks she is dead and it’s heartbreaking. BUT then we see that our girl is alive! Phew, that would have really sucked. Yay Octavia!

Are you happy to see that Octavia made it?! Tell us your thoughts! Hit the comments or find me on twitter AND check out our The 100 Fandom Page for all of your The 100 news, recaps, and polls!

May we meet again!

The 100 airs Wednesdays on The CW at 9/8c! 



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