6 Reasons We Are In Love With ‘Riverdale’

The much buzzed about show, Riverdale is the CW’s dark, broody take on the classic cast of characters from Archie Comics and guess what? It actually lives up to the hype! This show starts strong with a mysterious death and a crop of fresh, gripping characters that keep us glued to our screens. If you are on the fence about whether you should watch, give this list a read! We are head over heels and here’s why!

Jughead’s Narration

No, really, it’s that good. It makes us want Sprouse’s moody, noir-style vocals detailing everything for the rest of time. The reason for his narration is because Jughead is writing a true crime novel surrounding the recent death of Riverdale’s Jason Blossom. Unlike most narrators, Jughead is not a happy, hopeful story-teller. He adds an extra level of mystery to an already intriguing series of events that has rocked the town. He seems to know all and we love him for it. Keep on talking Jughead, we dig it.

Betty and Veronica’s friendship

They may be pitted against each other in the comics, but on TV, these gals are far from romantic rivals. Granted, they did have a brief spat regarding Archie but that feels so far in the past now because these girls are exactly what the other needs. Veronica lets Betty embrace her imperfections and explore her edgier side. Betty brings out the good that is already in Veronica, letting the former bad girl embrace her big heart without judgement. In many ways, they complete each other and they don’t need a guy to define them. Archie is just the cherry on top of the already perfect Betty/Veronica milkshake. We can’t wait to see more of this dynamic duo!

Cheryl Blossom. At first glance, you can write Cheryl off as the stereotypical mean girl with nothing to add to the equation. But Cheryl is not a one trick pony. Sure, she spouts off mean one liners and pushes her classmates to the edge of their Cheryl tolerance, but upon further examination, we see what’s under that perfectly polished exterior. Cheryl’s struggle is that she is broken and very lost after the death of her brother. Each week, we have been treated to more and more of the real her and it always leaves us wanting more. #LoveHer

The Mystery

In the pilot, you learn that there has been a murder in the picturesque town of Riverdale. It’s the shocking death of Cherry’s brother Jason. It rocks the citizens to their core but once the shock fizzles, the finger pointing begins. Each clue weaves into an even bigger web of secrets leaving everyone wondering, “What really happened to Jason Blossom?” Everyone is a suspect so we have already started keeping track of the clues. A show that lets you build theories is always fun!

The Music

A big part of Archie’s story so far is that he is getting into his music, which is actually really good! The CW always rocks a pretty good soundtrack but this show actually features musical characters! If the acoustic croons of the town’s resident orange haired dream boat aren’t enough for you, try the killer jams of Josie and the Pussycats! Either way, you’ll be tapping your toes happily.

The Girl Power

The comic tends to use it’s female characters as romantic interests, but not in this show! In an early episode of Season 1, we are treated to a sampling of what we hope to see more of on Riverdale. After being “slut shamed” on the web, Veronica (with Betty’s help) stands up to the boy lying about her. The duo then learn that it has been happening to girls all over the school so they unite to take down the misogynistic creeps who are treating them like sexual conquests instead of human beings. They stand united against them and it’s epic. You go girls.

We are in love with Riverdale so far! Do you agree? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Catch Riverdale on the CW Thursdays at 9/8c. 

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