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‘Riverdale’ recap: The kids aren’t alright in Chapter Four, “The Last Picture Show”

Riverdale review: “Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show”, Aired Feb. 16, 2017


Oh, Archikins. For the most part, the Riverdale kids have a rough one in this week’s episode, “The Last Picture Show”. If you missed it there were some very interesting developments and familial bonds reveals. No, Archie isn’t the long-lost triplet brother of Cheryl and Jason. At least, I don’t think so, despite their magnificent ginger manes. If you don’t want actual spoilers from the episode, don’t read any further until you watch it. Otherwise, let’s break this one down.


Rebel with a Cause

Jughead takes a break from investigating Jason’s murder for a cause more near and dear. He’s trying to save the local drive-in. The place has special meaning to ol’ Juggy for quite a few reasons. First, he spent a lot of time there with his family when he was younger. His parents and little sister, Jellybean. By episode’s end, Jughead hasn’t succeeded in finding out who secretly bought the property, and Archie’s Dad can’t be talked out of demolishing the drive-in. So it turns out that Jughead is out of a job and a place to live. Wait, what? Yup, Jughead has been copping a squat in the projector booth (it’s as spacious as a New York apartment) for who knows how long. Where is his family, right??? Well, it turns out that his father (Skeet Ulrich) previously worked for Fred’s Construction company, but was fired for stealing. Also, he’s in the biker gang that Hermione Lodge (YES, Veronica’s mother!!!!) has been paying off to help plummet the Twilight Drive-in’s property value.

This was pretty much Veronica’s reaction when she saw her mother sneaking off to meet up with Mr. Jones. Actually, this was also her reaction when she found out about Archie and Miss Grundy. At the top of the episode, the gang minus Archie are hanging out at Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe. Cheryl tries to embarass Veronica and Hermione over the fact that the former New York socialite has been reduced to the role of waitress. Cheryl gets snooty and offers a snide remark and no tip. As unruffled as Veronica, Hermione shuts the girl down telling her that clearly Cheryl takes after her own mother. Neither know the difference between having money and having class. Veronica is proud of Mama Lodge. At least she’s proud until she finds out that her mother is the mysterious buyer who now owns the property where the Twilight Drive-In sits. Hermione finally reveals a crack in the veneer and self-resilience that she’s shown since returning to her hometown. She used the embezzled funds from Hiram to buy the property, bribe Mayor McCoy, and payoff the Southside Serpents to loiter at the drive-in and cause as much trouble as they can. Hermione reveals how much she misses their old lives and she’ll do what she has to to get it back.

Not cool, Mama Lodge. Also, not cool? Using a date with poor Fred as a cover to meet up with your Southside Serpent connect. Though, they may be even since Fred ditched her at the drive-in, but he was in “concerned parent” mode. So he is forgiven. The jury is out on Hermione.


It doesn’t take long for Betty to confront Archie with her suspicions about his connection to Miss Grundy and what they could’ve been doing together on July 4th. Veronica sees the heated exchange between the two friends and isn’t one to be left out of the drama. Thank goodness she went out there, otherwise who else would’ve demanded to know if Miss Grundy was in fact Archie’s “booty tutor”? Archie admits that he’s been hooking up with Grundy, and begs them not to say anything. The girls believe that he’s being taken advantage of. Which they are correct about. Sophomore boy plus grown-ass woman equals something heinous.

Betty thinks over thing over and apparently is the “dear diary” type of girl. Clearly. After careful consideration, Betty decides to dig a little further into Grundy’s background. She searches online, interviews the music teacher for a fake feature for “The Blue and Gold”, and breaks into the woman’s car. During her interview with Grundy, Betty finds out that before her private music lessons with Archie, the woman also did an independent study with Jason Blossom. Hmm, gotta wonder how far that particular connection went. Her relationship with Archie doesn’t seem like a one-time thing especially given the way she later leaves town. She’s got an eye for handsome young boys. Gross. Before she’s sent packing, the girls search of Grundy’s car hits pay dirt as they find a gun in the glovebox and identification for Jennifer Gibson.

The girls take what they’ve found to Archie and  he confronts his lover. She tells him that she’s on the run from an abusive ex, and all is immediately forgiven between them. Thankfully, Betty’s mom, Alice, stumbles on the gun and Betty’s truth-filled diary. Alice tells Fred about Archie’s relationship with the teacher. She wants the woman prosecuted, but concern for Archie’s well-being is the last thing on Alice’s mind. She’s hoping that this discovery will finally be the wedge that will end Betty and Archie’s friendship. Betty stands up for her friend and tells her mother that if they turn Miss Grundy in, Betty will tell the Sherriff that she lied about the affair. Alice finally relents and Grundy is free to leave town and pounce on some other poor sophomore.

Archie and Fred share an amazing moment after the confrontation with Grundy. Fred listens and tries to console his heartbroken son. He assures Archie that what happened with Grundy was not his fault and that he’s not stupid.  Between this moment and finding out that Jughead has been living at the drive-in, everything is not okay.

Other developments

Kevin had the best night of everyone in Riverdale. His dad, the Sherriff as it turns out is amazing. Things didn’t start out so well, as Kevin found himself dateless at the drive-in with Veronica and Cheryl. Someone new caught his eye. Joaquin turns out to be one hell of a kisser and a Southside Serpent. This definitely isn’t the nice gay boy that Sherriff Keller was hoping his son would meet, but damn was that kiss steamy. Kevin makes sure he doesn’t leave without getting Joaquin’s number. Go Kevin! Maybe his dad will be too busy, distracted by the newly missing evidence from his Jason Blossom case file to notice who his son is dating.

Veronica seriously has the best one-liners. At one point she calls Betty, “Miss McGuyver”, but that’s not right as Betty points out. Miss Cooper is definitely more of a Nancy Drew. Earlier in the ep, Veronica also calls out Cheryl’s return to her mean-girl ways and basically calls her a bad 90s movie cliche. Veronica’s New York sensibilities has no time for anyone’s BS. She calls out Cheryl just as easily as she does later with the Serpents. This gang can’t be so badass after all, can they?


Who broke your heart more, Jughead or Archie? Is this the last of Miss Grundy? Are you suspicious of the timing of Kevin finding a new boo and someone breaking into the Sherriff’s house to steal that evidence.Where was Josie? The episode could’ve handled a tune or two from the Pussycats. What was your favorite moment of the night? Hit the comments to let me know who tops your list of suspects this week for Jason’s murder.

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