‘Shadowhunters’ recap: 2×07 “How Are Thou Fallen”

Shadowhunters recap: Season 2, Episode 7, “How Are Thou Fallen” aired Feb. 13th, 2017

There was a little something for everybody in the last episode of Shadowhunters, and I mean everybody. There was romance, there was action, and yes you know I have to say it: Simon and Isabelle finally spoke for the first time this season.

So on that awesome note, let’s recap!

Deep in denial

Jace is still crashing at Magnus’ apartment and he’s not dealing with his demotion well. Alec has to convince him to get out of the house and practically drag him away from the latest girl in his bed. Needless to say, this is a side of Jace we’ve never seen before and I for one am not loving it.

Izzy’s search for Yin Fen

Isabelle is fresh out of Yin Fen and she’s also not dealing with everything too well. She goes to the bar to find a dealer and makes up a story about trying to shut down the source. Izzy even tried to get Simon to bite her (SIZZY INTERACTION!!!) but immediately plays it off as a joke when she sees how freaked out he gets. Isabelle’s search for Yin Fen leads her to a dark alley and she runs into some not so nice people. Not to be inconsiderate Izzy but…

Simon gets a wingman…sorta

Jace is still not acting like himself…at all. He decides to drop some of his stellar tips for picking up girls onto Simon telling him that right now he’s the “safe choice.” Now we all love Simon just the way he is and anyone would be lucky to have him, but Jace convinces Simon that he needs to completely redo himself. Sorry Jace, but I don’t agree.

Daily dose of Malec

Magnus and Alec are in a really good place and I once again had to pause their scenes on several occasions to collect myself. Staying true to the books, Alec has never been with a man before…or anyone for that matter. He’s ready to take the next step with Alec, but surprisingly enough Magnus is the one who isn’t quite ready. He’s so afraid of losing Alec, he doesn’t want to move too fast and risk it.

Simon and Maia

Simon takes Jace’s advice and turns into well…an arrogant asshole. Maia sits down for their date and Simon is extremely standoffish. Maia even catches him making a point of staring at another girl across the room. Clearly unimpressed, Maia leaves and tells him to give her a call when the real Simon comes back. Nice going Simon.

Clary gets a migraine

Throughout the episode, Clary’s been uh…getting weird headaches and hearing loud noises? At first she believes it’s Valentine trying to get to her, but it turns out that an angel is trying to make contact with her instead. Valentine has been holding the angel captive, which goes against everything that Shadowhunters believe in. Torturing an actual angel? Yup this guy is pure evil.


I’m sorry but I am just not on board with this. While that was a great pun, really I am not feeling this ship. Simon goes back and apologizes to Maia, but she tells him that he’s in love with Clary. She also advises Simon to tell Clary how he feels because maybe she feels the same way back. Sorry Simon, personally I just don’t think this is going to end well.

Clace saves an angel

With Luke’s help, Clary and Jace head to the roof and find an angel chained up in the pouring rain. After fighting off some guards, the angel is able to communicate with Clary and tell her how to set him free. He shows Clary and Jace a vision of a sword being destroyed (the soul sword maybe?) and swoops back up to the sky. Okay, I’m confused.

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