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‘The 100’ 4×03 recap: “The Four Horsemen”

The 100 Season 4, Episode 3 recap: “The Four Horsemen”, Aired Feb. 15, 2017

The future devastation is closer than they thought so Clarke, Raven and Bellamy do everything they can to get the Ark ready. Can they do it? Let’s break it all down!

Building a bomb shelter! So the skinny is that only about a 100 people will fit inside of the Ark to be sheltered from the radiation that is coming. To prep, they are drying out meat and fixing things up so that they will be ready when things go down. But the big question is, how will they decide which folks get shelter? Bellamy says he won’t go in the shelter but we all know that Clarke will never leave him outside. Before they can talk about it too much, Luna and some her peeps show up. They ate some gross radiation fish and are super sick now.

Flame Out! King Roan loses the Flame about 30 seconds into his reign. Way to go pal! He heads over to chat with Octavia and Indra because he thinks that the Octavia, aka the “Sky Ripper” can handle it. Can we just pause and acknowledge how different Octavia is now? I get that she has been through some stuff, but it’s still jarring to see her so hardened. Remember when she was running around finding butterflies in the woods?! I miss that part of her.

Any who, she finds the Flame Keeper who took it and it’s Indra’s daughter! Octavia lies to Roan and says that the Flame was destroyed (it wasn’t) and gives him the head of some random dude saying that he was the one who took the Flame (he didn’t). Um, did she kill some innocent guy or did she find an already dead guy and cut his head off? Either way, this girl is disturbed.

Trouble in the cave. Murphy and Emori are still on the move but things aren’t perfect. They are still in a bit of fight after his time with Ontari. They are super hungry so Murphy sneaks back into the supply bunker in the Ark to steal some food. He overhears Raven and Abby discussing the radiation and the low medical rations when Raven and Abby argue. Raven refuses to budge on the supplies when Abby asks her for some pills to treat Luna’s sick crew. Yikes. Seeing this, Murphy steals the pills and sneaks them to Abby. Looks like Murphy will have to come back with Emori so they can have a chance at surviving. Bonus to that? More Murphy!

Back at the ranch. Raven, Bellamy and Clarke are still butting heads over “the list” but their argument gets cut short when they hear the Rover start up. Who’s taking it for a joyride? It’s crazy ass Jaha and he is setting out to look for a bunker from some wacky cult. If they find it, it means that everyone can survive, but like Raven reminds Bellamy and Clarke, the last time Jaha went looking for something, he started the whole ALIE thing.

That’s so Raven. Back in the Ark, the child that Abby gave the medicine to is dying. Luna comforts her in her last moments and it’s heartbreaking. Raven is there to witness it which will hopefully bring back some of her humanity which she seems to have lost when she took on the role of supply manager.


Into the Woods. Jaha, Bellamy and Clarke are looking for the bunker but Jaha takes the opportunity to point out what a great team Bellamy and Clarke make because he totally ships them. Jaha says that Bellamy centers Clarke but Bellamy insists that it’s the other way around. Awwww. Clarke finds the bunker! It’s super dark and full of cobwebs. GROSS! Oh, and it’s full of dead people because the bunker sucks. Jaha’s plans never work out. Like ever.

List maker. Clarke is obviously torn on who to add to the list but, of course, she adds Bellamy. He wakes up and insists that if he is on the list, Clarke must be on the list too because they are cute AF. (He even writes her name down.) If Clarke didn’t already have a giant weight on her shoulders, literally picking who lives and dies might drive her mad. Luckily, she has Bellamy and Raven at her sides to help shoulder this one. Clarke  heads to the Medical Unit and discovers that Luna has completely healed! Why? Because she is a Nightblood! Abby wants to run some tests and suddenly, there is some hope for them after all!

Do you think Luna’s blood is the key to their survival? Is Jaha a #Bellarke shipper? Tell us your thoughts! Hit the comments or find me on twitter AND check out our The 100 Fandom Page for all of your The 100 news, recaps, and polls!

May we meet again!

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