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‘Talking TV With Liz and Lindi’ podcast recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ 7×09, “Rock in the Road”

The Walking Dead recap: Season 7, Episode 9, “Rock in the Road,” Aired Feb. 12, 2017

Talking TV With Liz and Lindi is back! With the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead comes a new podcast where we break down the best moments (that clothesline walker scene!) and what’s next for our group.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • If Ezekiel was wrong to say no Rick — and if Daryl has any chance of convincing him otherwise.
  • What Gabriel was really up to: Did he betray the group, or does he have something up his sleeve?
  • Whether or not Rosita needs to take a mother freaking chill pill.
  • If Carol will learn about Rick and Co.’s conquest and if there’s any chance of her joining them (again.)
  • Who the heck those people were at the end, and why Rick was smiling about it.

Listen here:

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For more Walking Dead news, recaps, and pictures of Daryl’s face, head into our Dead Zone. And check back each Tuesday for a new episode of Talking TV With Liz and Lindi. For more podcasts, visit our Podcast Hub.

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