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The top 4 moments from ‘The Vampire Diaries’ 8×12, “What Are You?”

The Vampire Diaries recapSeason 8, Episode 12, “What Are You?” Aired Feb. 10, 2017

The Vampire Diaries had another great episode that brought shocks, tears, and excitement all in one! We saw Stefan’s first day of being a human, found out more about the history of Matt’s family backstory, saw Bonnie learn to deal with Enzo’s death with help from her mom, and then discovered she opened a door to Hell (yikes!). And lastly, we witnessed the return of a much loved/hated character — the best TVD villain of all time, Kai Parker!

Let’s breakdown the top 4 moments from 8×12:

#1 First day of human Stefan

Stefan’s first day as a human didn’t go very well. First, we saw Stefan having to deal with all his emotions flooding back and dealing with the guilt of every bad thing he has done. Can he truly ever get over it? Not only that, but now he lost the perks of being a vamp, which sucks, especially in times of need like when he gets pulled over by a cop. Unluckily for him, Stef couldn’t compel the cop to ignore the speeding and blood stains on his hands and clothes, so he got arrested. Thankfully, Caroline wasn’t far behind and managed to save the day before Stef was put behind bars permanently.

One good thing was seeing Stefan have remorse. He saw the little girl of the woman he killed to get the house in his name instead of Bonnie’s (in last week’s ep), and you could clearly see the pain and guilt he felt for what he did. The poor girl was all alone as it was just her and her mom.

Caroline and Stefan then decided to track her down and save her before it was too late. Good deed done: tick! Were there hints of bad tension between Stefan and Caroline? Now that Stef is a human, what does that mean for their relationship? Will they still get married or will his wants change? Maybe Caroline will find a way to be human too. Here’s hoping Steroline survives the recent transition in their relationship.

Lastly, what the hell is going to happen to Stefan? Is Cade fulfilling his warning of killing Stefan? Let’s just pray nothing too bad can happen since he won’t heal now. Or, was it someone else? Maybe someone else did get through from Hell and it’s someone from the past – let’s get our theory hats on!

#2 The history of Matt’s family backstory

Matt’s fam history was an interesting story. Turns out, he and the Bennett fam go waaay back! Both his and Bonnie’s ancestors were together long ago and used to make a very cute couple. Originally, they created the bell so that they could get rid of all the killer demons (aka, vampires) and send them to Hell. It was a great plan until Sybil and Seline got involved.

Sybil lured Matt’s ancestor away and compelled him to do some changes to the bells plan. She forced him to make it so that when he rang the bell on the 12th time, Hell fire would be released (along with Cade) and would burn them all. Luckily, he found a way to communicate with his Bennett-witch lover, and she figured out what was happening. But it was only enough to save them both. Bonnie’s ancestor proved Bennett witches have been badass forever as she kicked ass and stopped and trapped Seline and Sybil from doing any more harm. Although, now both Matt and Bonnie’s ancestors had 100 deaths on their hands which condemned them to Hell – ugh!

Can we take a moment to appreciate Bonnie and Matt’s friendship moment? We haven’t seen them together like that in a while. #cute

#3 Bonnie’s mom returning to help Bonnie’s grief from Enzo’s death

The aftermath of Enzo’s death, for Bonnie, wasn’t good at all. She was completely overwhelmed with the loss of her beloved, and honestly, it was so heartbreaking to watch. I just wanted to hug Bonnie and tell her everything will be fine (even if it won’t be for awhile). Poor Bon-Bon has had to lose people and watch them die for too long now. I just wanted her to finally get her happy ending with Enzo.

Of course, Bonnie chose to ignore everyone’s calls while she tried to come to terms with what had happened. Despite her not talking to Caroline, she at least had the loving thought to call Bonnie’s mom to help her out – how sweet! Finally, we saw Bonnie’s mom being the mom she should have been a long time ago.

The interesting thing was that Bonnie claimed to be hearing Enzo calling for her, but her mom blamed her grief on that. But soon, they both discovered there was more to it than they thought.

Neither of them have their magic back, but they could both see/feel Enzo being in pain and suffering (Hell, we assume), which confirmed that Bon-Bon was not going crazy. Turns out that when Bonnie let out that scream, she created a door to Hell. It was calling out for her, and the connection to Bonnie would only bring darkness. Obvi, Bonnie just saw this is as a way to be with Enzo and comfort him so he wouldn’t be suffering alone. Before the darkness could fully draw her in, Bonnie’s mom burned Enzo’s body to break the connection between Bonnie and Hell. What the hell is next for Bonnie? What does this connection mean for her?

#4 The return of Kai Parker

YAS, GUYS! Kai is back!! (P.S. love how he still has that same wave – LOL!)

I am super excited to see what mischief Kai will get up to now he has returned from Hell. Does this mean that we’ll be seeing Elena back sooner than we thought? Fingers crossed he can help out Damon and Co. kill Cade and then bring back Elena once all is good. The only thing is, can we really trust Kai? I guess we have no choice as he is the one who has experienced Hell firsthand, and he is also the key to breaking the curse.

So, I’m guessing Damon will be making another deal with another Devil: Help kill Cade to keep Kai out of Hell in return for bringing back Elena. Another thought — If Kai is back, does that mean others have made their way back from Hell? Katherine Pierce, I’m looking at you, girl.

Anyways, I’m so happy to see Kai back as he was one of the people I was hoping to see return to TVD before it ended, and he is also on top of the list for my best TVD villains post, so him being back means TVD gets more exciting – killed two birds with one stone!

What did you think about human Stefan? Thoughts on Bonnie opening a door to Hell? Will her powers return? Did you enjoy Matt’s family backstory? And, lastly, what did you think about Kai’s return? Share all your thoughts, feelings, and predictions in the comment section below. And don’t forget to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. Make sure to keep up-to-date with all TVD news and posts here!

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