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‘Riverdale’ recap: Beronica was warned and still they persisted in Chapter Three, “Body Double”

Riverdale review: “Chapter Three: Body Double”, Aired Feb. 9, 2017

What an episode! The girls come together for one stellar takedown of a few deserving asshats. Archie confesses his sins. Well, one of them at least. Betty puts Jughead to work at their school paper. Meanwhile, the episode serves quite a few revelations about the death of Jason Blossom. If you missed the episode and don’t wish to be spoiled, consider yourself warned.

A Sticky Maple???

Clearly, it sounded dirty. Initially, Betty and Kevin were ready to shrug off the smear on their friend’s good name and reputation. Riverdale, allow us to introduce you to Veronica Lodge. This badass transplant doesn’t take kindly to anyone spreading rumors about her or indulging in any level of slut-shaming. Settling down into small town life, Veronica went out on a date with one of the most popular boys in school. It was a helluva a night until this Chuck-hole spread the word far and wide (via social media) that Miss Lodge gave up the goodies. Again with the “sticky maple” that apparently is a Riverdale thing. Sounds messy and we don’t need actual details as to what this could be a euphemism for because again Veronica isn’t having any of it.

What I loved most about “Body Double” and this entire scenario? Betty and Veronica came together with Cheryl and other female classmates to take down Chuck and his teammates who were engaging in slut-shaming and keeping score of their sexual conquests in a “playbook”. (Sidenote: Now wondering how many points Archie would’ve gotten for Miss Grundy, but clearly our Mr. Andrews is just not that kind of boy). Speaking of Archie, while the girls were busy saving the day, our boy was off doing his own thing. Again, Betty and Veronica didn’t run to Archie to fix things. Even though, they right into his shirtless, six-pack having self in the boys’ locker room on their way to confront Chuck-hole. Veronica actually looks like she’s set to destroy poor Archie if he doesn’t get out of her way when he tries to find out why she’s so upset.

The girls execute their version of John Tucker Must Die and even manage to enlist Cheryl Blossom into the mix. Initially, Miss Blossom believes the playbook is a bit of urban legend. Her beloved twin was captain of the football team and wouldn’t have allowed his teammates to engaged in something like that. The redhead is proven wrong when the find the playbook containing her brother’s name listed right along with Betty’s sister, Polly. The girls force a public (recorded) confession out of Chuck-hole and burn the book. Before they do, we get a glimpse a whole other side of Betty. Our girl looks pretty unhinged, and possibly capable of committing a certain murder.

Archie Comes Clean

Guilt-ridden Archie finally spills the beans about what he heard on July 4th, the day Jason Blossom supposedly died. He’s not entirely truthful about who he was with. His revelation is just enough though to assuage his guilt, get him in trouble with his dad for lying in the first place, and exonerate Cheryl Blossom. Things weren’t looking too good for Cheryl when the Sherrif showed up to question her initial story about Jason’s death. It turns out that her tall tale was actually as full of baloney as it sounded. Cheryl lied, but only to help her brother fake his death so that he could get away from their parents. What the what? Here’s to seeing exactly what madness is going on in that household as the season wears on. As it turns out, Jason didn’t actually die when everyone believed, but an entire week earlier. The Sherrif was skeptical of Cheryl’s sudden change of story concerning the gunshot she heard. Good thing that Archie came forward when he did to back her up.

A grateful Cheryl decided to help Archie every which he could want. Ol’ Arch doesn’t want sex. He’s got something bigger in mind. His music. Seems his pervy teacher cut all ties with him when she found out he went to the cops over the gunshot they heard. He didn’t tell them he was with her, because…hello awwwwwkward. Teach shuts down his lessons. Thanks to Cheryl he gets something even better. Face time with Josie and the Pussycats who are finally willing to read his music. Initial they’re doubtful that he can truly and authentically understand their struggles as black female musicians, but Josie admits that Archie’s a talented guy.

Here’s to seeing much more of that collaboration. She’s not the only one who sees the light this episode where it comes to Archie’s new love. After grounding his son for lying and sneaking out whilst grounded, Fred had a heart-to-heart with Grundy (????). Despite her shady ways and her on-and-off pervy hook-ups with young Andrews, Grundy takes a moment to encourage Fred not to shut down the kid’s musical aspirations. Papa Andrews and Grundy even share a few moments of unsettling chemistry. This could be attributable to the fact that we’re talking about Dylan Mckay of heartthrob’s past. Yea, let’s say that.

What’s blue and gold and has Jughead all over it??

Don’t worry good people, Juggie is on the case. With some encouragement from her mother, Betty ignores the woman’s advice to end her friendship with Veronica, but she does resurrect the school’s paper, “The Blue and Gold”.  Jughead already has his ear to the ground with this Jason Blossom murder and now he’s more committed than ever to find out the truth. He makes two important discoveries. Scout leader, Dilton Doiley is a hardcore survivalist and he’s the one who fired the shot that everyone heard on July 4th. Also, a witness spotted Miss Grundy’s car near Sweetwater lake on that same morning that Jason went missing. Uh-oh. Looks like Archie spilled his guts a second too soon and now Miss Grundy is without an alibi. Dun dun dun!!!!!

Sidenote: Was it me or did Jughead have some interesting chemistry with Betty. That and look at this face!!

So what did you think of this week’s episode, “Body Double”. Besides Veronica which character made your short list for Jason’s murder? His parents? Something shady was happening in hat household. Betty? Our good girl can go quite dark when she wants. She definitely scared Veronica for a minute there with Chuck-hole. Is Cheryl completely off the hook? More to the point, is that character kinda awesome and growing on you more and more each week? Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the episode.

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