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‘The Magicians’ recap: Brad and Cort Talk ep 2×03, “Divine Elimination”

The Magicians recap: Season 2, Episode 3, “Divine Elimination”, Aired Feb. 8, 2017

Okay, show of hands. How many of you wondered for a moment if the world had somehow jumped several months forward and presented us with one hell of a season finale? Talk about a divine hour of television, “Divine Elimination” was primetime at it’s best. First up, the Beast/Martin’s curse reared it’s ugly head, the minute all of our royals were back together. Elliot clearly did a lot of work getting the throne room back into some semblance of order. You know, no dead bodies and someone for everyone to settle down for a leisure day of ruling. He didn’t sound too happy about all the fun times missed with everyone else getting tramp stamps and cool Keiko demons.

We didn’t have long to wait for things to get interesting with the curse and Fillory’s new royals. The moment Eliot sat on the throne and took a drink, he started acting extremely paranoid. He was certain that his good friends were up for a bit of regicide. Turns out he was somewhat correct. Once everyone else settled on their thrones for a spell, they all became just a bit blood-thirsty. Thank goodness Penny was actually the reasonable one this episode. He managed to keep his friends from killing each other. That would’ve been more than enough drama and comedy to fill one hour. We also had Julia taking her shot at Renard, but meanwhile, Quentin and company recovered their senses long enough to target their true enemy, Martin.

Listen in as Brad and Cort breakdown the episode and THAT death. If this felt like a final level event, you are correct. Executive Producers Sera Gamble and John McNamara did a postmortem interview with Collider (link) that answered quite a few questions about the finality of Alice’s death, the connection to the books, and timing. Be sure to check it out and hit the comments to let us know what you thought of the episode. With the Beast gone, who could be the next big bad? Until next week…let’s pour one out for our fallen, badass queen. Didn’t see that end coming at all.


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