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‘The Flash’ recap: Episode 3×12, “Untouchable”

The Flash recap: Season 3, Episode 12, “Untouchable”, Aired Feb. 7, 2017

Not a week goes by where Barry doesn’t tell someone that he is in love with Iris and can’t lose her. This week, however, Team Flash was faced with losing Iris sooner than expected.

How do you defeat a villain you can’t touch? Barry and Wally are about to find out. But first, they have a speedster race through town! Cisco takes bets on the winner. Everyone puts money on Barry except for Joe, who refuses to pick a side, and HR, who bets heavily on “Wallace”. The latter also reveals that on his Earth, gambling is illegal because of an incident involving “Vice President Al Capone” – did I hear that right?

Wally leads the race until Barry phases through a final obstacle – a building – while Wally has to run up and over it. Barry wins! He is not in the mood to celebrate though. Wally must learn to phase through anything that gets between him and Iris four months into the future. Kid Flash, unfortunately, has a hard time mastering this ability, which Barry struggles to describe. He waxes about becoming electricity. “So go fast and feel things,” Wally summarizes.

In police matters, the CCPD is investigating two attacks where the victims’ bodies are decaying faster than normal. Julian and Barry steal the corpses so they can perform medical scans at Star Labs. One of the victims was a chef, and the restaurant he worked at shuts down in wake of the attack. This scares Iris because in the future where she dies, there was a news item on the same restaurant’s reopening. Barry realises that the metahuman is targeting people who were cops in Flashpoint. Caitlin and Julian also discover that the metahuman gained his powers from Alchemy and ID him as Clive Yorkin.

The Flash vs Kid Flash trend continues when the Wests (including honorary member Barry) meet Cecile and her daughter Joanie at Jitters. Joanie is obsessed with Kid Flash while her mother supports the Flash. They don’t have much time for debate, however, because Yorkin walks into the coffeeshop, disintegrates a table, and demands Joe West! Barry is unfortunately in the line of sight of several bystanders, but Wally manages to sneak away and face Yorkin as Kid Flash. With directions form Barry, he blows the villain away (quite literally) before anyone gets hurt.

Despite knowing he is in danger, Joe refuses to hide in Star Labs. This propels Iris to tell Joe about her imminent death. Joe is, understandably, very upset, and leaves. Caitlin tries to convince Julian that Alchemy’s actions are not his fault because he was not in control, but Julian insists helping the Star Labs team does not and should not make him feel better about his alter ego. Caitlin is offended by the insinuation that her work is to excuse what she has done as Killer Frost and tells Julian she regrets inviting him on board.

Yorkin breaks into Barry and Iris’ apartment by disintegrating their front door. Wally rushes to save Iris, but cannot prevent Yorkin touching her wrist. Back at Star Labs, Barry panics about losing Iris earlier than expected and takes it out on Wally. Cisco figures that Caitlin can slow down the decomposition process with her powers. Caitlin is reluctant – if she loses control, she could freeze Iris’ nerves. Iris says she trusts Caitlin anyway.

With Iris’ condition temporarily stabilized, Barry apologises to Wally and reflects on how he has not been a good mentor. Then, he and Cisco vibe Flashpoint to identify Yorkin’s next target – PI Laura Stone. In Flashpoint, she paraded Yorkin’s arrest in front of the CCPD force.

When the decay starts spreading up Iris’ arm again, Caitlin goes into Killer Frost mode trying to help. Julian talks her out of it and apologises for being a jerk. Later, he and Barry realise that speedster blood, with its regenerative properties, can counteract Yorkin’s metahuman makeup and allow them to formulate an antidote for Iris.

Flash and Kid Flash find Yorkin next to some train tracks. Joe is on the train, trying to convince Stone that the metahuman is a credible threat. Yorkin creates a barricade the train will crash into…unless Barry vibrates the entire train to phase through the blockade. It’s crazy, but it works! To quote HR – “Holy Kardashian!”

Unfortunately this leaves Barry without the energy to face Yorkin, who is still lurking around. Inspired by Barry’s latest accomplishment, Wally finally manages to phase through Yorkin. In the process, he mixes his speedster blood inside the meta-villain’s and neutralises the touch of death.

Joe and Iris promise not to keep anymore secrets from one another while Caitlin apologises for snapping at Julian. The latter two head out for drinks, and I sense something budding between these two beyond just bonding over their struggle with their alter egos. Finally, Barry puts extra locks on their new apartment door, and after a touching speech from Iris, the couple reaffirm their love for each other. Yay…except not really. Wally is still at Star Labs revelling in his newfound phasing ability when a breach opens and out runs…Jesse! She looks pretty shaken up as she reveals her father is being held by Grodd. Looks like Team Flash should take a trip to Gorilla City soon.

How did you like this episode of ‘The Flash’? Let us know in the comments below, and I’ll see you next week.

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