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‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 8 discussion: Breaking down the final scene of 8×11

The Vampire Diaries recapSeason 8, Episode 11, “You Made a Choice to Be Good,” Aired Feb. 3, 2017

GUYS, WHAT AN ENDING!!  I still cannot get my head around what went down in The Vampire Diaries in the last few minutes of the latest episode – it was CRAZY!

We were all Bonnie at that scene! (BTW, I am still sobbing!)

Summing up what went down in the episode: Cade’s presence in Mystic Falls (instead of being in the fiery pits of Hell) caused havoc! He set Stefan free and forced Damon to make a new deal — kill 100 evil people or kill Caroline. Umm, WTF, Cade? Obvi, Damon had to think of a plan B (aka, killing Cade), as there was no way he was killing anyone else, especially not Caroline. Damon’s first attempts to killing Cade failed, as he soon discovered it was going to be more difficult than he expected. In the end, the only way he and Caroline could think of a way to get rid of the evil immortal was to make him mortal.

So, that meant tracking down Elena’s body and getting the cure from her. This pissed off Bon-Bon as she had made plans for Enzo to take it so they could live happily ever after — a life they both deserve. With Bonnie being her selfless self, she eventually agreed to help Damon take down Cade, but little did she know about an unwanted visitor that was approaching. RIPPAAH STEF turned up to the house and legit brought, what would be Bonnie’s own personal Hell, to life.

Let’s breakdown the 3 important moments from the end scene in 8×11:

#1 Rippaah Stefan ripping out Enzo’s heart

Never thought I’d ever say this, but I HATE YOU STEFAN! I cannot believe he actually walked up to that house and ripped out Enzo’s heart. Why, Stefan. Why??? I could not contain my screams at that moment — it was horrendous! What made it worse was that, throughout the episode, they were building up Enzo and Bonnie’s future life together, and now it’s all been torn away. I loved Bonnie and Enzo together, and now I’m heartbroken that they will be no more. I feel like Enzo truly deserved better, and he should have had that happy ending. But of course, in TVD, there are always tragedies. Let’s take this moment to say #RIPEnzo, we will miss you!

Let’s remember all the good things about Enzo in an old PF post  on my appreciation of him!

#2 Stefan is now going to be a human after Bonnie injects him with the cure

Hasn’t anyone learned that you do not piss off Bonnie Bennett? Bonnie was in complete shock, pain, and grief as she witnessed Stefan ripping out Enzo’s heart. But, before much could happen between Stefan and Bonnie, she went crazy on him and stabbed him with the cure. Ohhh, Stefan, you really underestimated Bonnie.

What does this now mean that Stefan is a human? Will there be enough for anyone else to take it? Does this mean Damon can’t take it anymore and can’t be a human with Elena? I’m curious to know how this will effect Stefan’s relationships now. Maybe Caroline will want to be a human now that Stefan will be one. Or, could this foreshadow even a Stelena reunion if it means that both of them will be human? Who knows really. The one important person I’m most curious to see how it will effect is Damon. The possibilities are truly endless. One thing that is for sure — Bonnie Bennett will never ever forgive Stefan for what he did. Maybe Damon can comfort Bonnie over what happened? *cough* new Bamon scenes please *cough*

#3 Bonnie’s scream (of pain) after she held Enzo’s dead body

Did you all notice when Bonnie screamed it had more of an effect than just sound? It almost reminded me of what happens when Lydia screams in Teen Wolf  — you know, a Banshee Bonnie? My guess is that this could be foreshadowing Bonnie getting her powers back. Did the pain of Enzo’s death enlighten something within her to spark her powers up again? Or could this be similar to what happened with Cade? When Cade got burned and killed, his pain created a psychic imprint, which ended up creating an alternative world/dimension, aka Hell. Maybe Bonnie has created a safe haven or something opposite to Hell, as we definitely saw some sort of energy come out of her scream. We also should remember that the tuning forks affected her. Is that suggesting she’s some sort of a siren? With Sybil and Seline gone, maybe she is the new siren of the show. Whatever it all means about Bonnie, I’m sure it will be interesting.

Bon-Bon, I just want to hug you right now and console you over Enzo’s death. This should never have happened. Why does it always feel like Bonnie never gets her happy ending? She always puts everyone else first and never gets what she wants. It’s about time Bonnie gets the true love and appreciation that she deserves. #BonnieBennettDeservedBetter!

Here’s a throwback post to when I talked about my love for Bonnie and why you should too!

What do you think about Stefan having the cure? Are you sad about Enzo’s death? What do you think is next for Bonnie? Share all your thoughts, feelings, and predictions in the comment section below. And don’t forget to give us a tweet at @Pure_Fandom and @OhMyZinaa. Make sure to keep up-to-date with all TVD news and posts here!

Love always,


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