‘Grimm’ recap: 6×05 “The Seven Year Itch”

Grimm recap: Season 6, Episode 5, “The Seven Year Itch,” Aired Feb. 3, 2017. 

Welcome back, Grimm fans! Time for a look at the next episode of our final Grimm season. So, I’m loving how we’re back to the OG Grimm roots of the “monster-of-the-week.” This week we had a man/woman-eating cicada Wesen. In the background, the story moved forward with  Renard’s continued haunting, the Heal’n Stick mystery and we find out just how many baby wesen are inside Rosalee.

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In the US, there are insects called Periodical Cicadas, a large insect that lives most of it’s life underground, emerging for a short period to basically mate and creep me the hell out. We open this week’s episode with a man emerging from the ground in a park looking menacingly at the passerby.

He is hungry, like me 5-hours into a juice fast hungry, and starts following one of the men walking in the park. The man calls 911 to get our underground friend some help, but when he turns back, the hungry man has disappeared. OR RATHER HE IS NOW A GIANT CICADA WHO STABS HIM IN THE NECK AND KILLS HIM. And that, my friends, is why when people tell me cicadas are harmless, I will never believe them again.

Bunch LIARS. image: giphy

The body is found, so Nick, Wu and Hank head to the park. The body is naked with a hole in the throat. There’s a hilarious comment about the frequency of naked people in parks in Portland and how this is not a sex fetish gone wrong but definitely Wesen. In the meantime, a small child falls in the hole the guy crawled out of and in it? Another freaking body.  

uh oh, Nick…body. Image: Allyson Riggs/NBC

At a local diner, Cicada Man is DEVOURING food and making polite conversation with the waitress. Well, it was polite until he makes a weird comment about how he’s starving because the last one didn’t last long. He picked her because she was pretty and was distracted by her face but won’t make that mistake again. GAH…CREEP. He did, however, use the dead man’s credit card so soon after, Wu, Nick and Hank so up to interview the suddenly southern accent heavy waitress and she agrees to work with a police sketch artist on an ID.

Soon, the team finds out the body in the hole was a lady. The skin that remained was still in good condition. However, the organs were gone and the bones looked like had been gnawed on. Gross. After a little digging around old school in the Grimm books, they discover it’s a creature whose name translates to Party Animal. Ha. Apparently he’s immortal. He comes above ground one day every seven years to, well, have some fun and find a food source to feed on for 7 years while  underground. His face comes through from the police sketch artist and looks familiar to Monroe…curious…

image: relatably

Cicada Man is in the club and starts hitting on this plus sized woman so he can have a longer lasting food source. Because plus sized woman already have it so easy. Anyways, her date confronts Cicada Man for moving in on his territory so, Cicada Man kills him in the alley. Dick. That guy seemed sweet. Then he moves in a steals the woman away for some alone time. She, on the other hand, is perfectly willing to abandon her date.

Come on, girl. image: giphy

They begin strolling in the original park. At this point, it’s well into the evening so his time is coming to an end. They start talking about  life moves fast, and how important it is to take in the moment. This topic, by the way, is way more relevant to him than her.

Meanwhile, it is driving Monroe crazy that he can’t figure out how he knows Cicada Man. After some drawing on the sketch he realizes how he knows him…he is the statue of the man in the park! The man who bought the park land back in the 1800s and had it preserved, it turns out, so he could safely live underground most of the time. Monroe calls the team and they head to the park after realizing Cicada Man has his feeding victim.

Well, Cicada Man and the woman seems really happy, for different reasons, and he kisses her…and then knocks this poor lady out cold. Hank and Nick and Wu find him and the fight begins. The team draws their guns on Cicada Man but then….

The woman comes to and she’s a giant hippo wesen who bites Cicada Man’s head right off! Well done, sister. After a few lines about how hard it is to find a good man in this town and seeming to be pretty unaffected by Nick being a Grimm, she goes on her way.

NICE work, lady-hippo! image: giphy

So, to catch up on the other storylines quickly:

  • Renard is still haunted by Meisner’s ghost who is taking immense pleasure in all of this.
  • Renard tries to have Meisner’s spirit residue sucked off of him, only to find out he may just be losing his mind.
  • Eve is having some pretty major side effects from the Heal’n Stick. While spending a few nights in the tunnels, covers the walls with the same glyphs Diana saw on the cloth.
  • Diana is still weird.
  • And Rosalee and Monroe? They are having TRIPLETS!
YAAASSS!!! Image: Giphy

Grimm airs Fridays on NBC at 8/7c.  

(Featured image by: Allyson Riggs/NBC)


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