Everything we know about the ‘Legion’ TV show so far

Legion, the new X-men-centered TV show on FX, premieres this upcoming Wednesday night. Up until now, the show has been subject to many questions regarding its ties to the Marvel and X-Men universe. A lot still isn’t really known about Legion, so let’s round up what we do know about the new show.


The characters

Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey (and the upcoming Beauty and the Beastappears in this show as David Haller. David is a man who has lived all his life with paranoid schizophrenia… or has he? It’s strongly suggested that these symptoms are just results of his mutation, or super power. That becomes a problem, because David lives in a mental institution. Soon, he meets a new patient, and a chain of events occur that turn his world upside down.

In the comics, David Haller/Legion is the son of none other than Professor X himself. He is an incredibly strong mutant with telepathic powers and multiple personalities. However, the show is only loosely related to the comics, and it’s unclear whether these multiple personalities will play a role.

Rachel Keller (Fargo) plays Sydney Barrett, the new patient in the mental hospital. David and Syd become fast friends, and she apparently plays a large role in helping him understand who he really is.

Katie Aselton (The League) portrays an original character: David’s older sister named Amy Haller.

Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation fame will appear as David’s odd, drug-abusing friend, Lenny.

A mentor for David, Melanie Bird, is played by actress Jean Smart.

The plot

Not a whole lot is known about the plot of Legion, and rightfully so. It’s nice to have only a basic idea of what the show will focus on when beginning to watch.

That being said, the show will revolve around David Haller and his discovery that his mental illness might not be exactly what he thought it was. This revelation comes after meeting a new girl named Syd. David struggles to know what is real and what isn’t, and will find out for himself what is going on. Oh, and also, his powers look really cool.

The tone

Legion so far seems to be very different from other superhero TV shows out today. Its creator, Noah Hawley, was also behind the TV show Fargo, and wants to take the genre for a spin. The show seems very surreal; check out this trailer where some of the lead characters perform a Bollywood dance number. As Rachel Keller told Newsweek, “It’s a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously.” When dealing with heavy subject like mental illness along with making the superhero genre more intense, maybe a little lightheartedness is just what Legion needs. Keller added that there may be other musical numbers in the show. Count us in.

The setting

From what we’ve seen in the trailers, the setting is very firmly in the 60’s. Mod fashions and hairstyles are very easy to pick out, and bright colors pop against the bleak background of the mental institution. There are reportedly plenty of 60’s and 70’s influences in Legion as well: the name of the psychiatric hospital is “Clockworks,” and the uniforms are mostly orange. Ba dum tss. In addition to that, there is also a doctor named Kissinger (a reference to Henry Kissinger, secretary of state under Nixon and Ford). If this is any indication, the audience will probably be treated to many more references as the show progresses.


What do you think about Legion? Are you excited to watch its premiere? Let us know in the comments!

Legion premieres Wednesday, February 8th, at 10/9c on FX.

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