5 takeaways from ‘The Expanse’ Season 2 premiere

Season 2, Episode 1 “Safe” and Episode 2 “Doors and Corners”, Aired Feb. 1, 2017

The Expanse Season 2 premiered last night with all the characteristic drama we’ve come to expect. We were treated to a little bit of everything: romance, treason, battle, explosions, vomit, murder. You know, the good stuff.

Tensions in the solar system have reached their boiling point, and all our players are just waiting for an opportunity to go for the jugular. This week, we got our first peak into life on Mars, and from where I’m standing, they look pretty formidable. Advanced weaponry, general badassery, and intense pride. On Earth, we’ve got some serious government conspiracies happening. And the Belt is totally rattled by the situation on Eros. Something’s gotta give.

This was technically a double episode which is probably why it felt so jam-packed with action. The Expanse is one of those shows that you have to pay close attention to because if you look away for a second, you’re likely to miss something important that’s only going to connect five episodes down the line. With that in mind, here are five things to remember:

  1. Martian Marine Roberta “Bobbie” Draper is a badass. And Mars is ready for some payback. They’re still pretty sour about the Donnager explosion. And judging by her ability to arm-wrestle robots, Bobbie Draper is ready to go ham on anyone who gets in her way. She’s also super, super intense. Like maybe too intense. Like maybe someone should keep an eye on her.
  2. Someone tried to Assassinate Chrisjen. It’s true. Someone targeted her transport in an attempt to take her out. She narrowly escapes because of a fortuitous cell phone call. Aside from almost being assassinated, her plotline continues to be the worst of all characters on the show and something interesting better happen to her soon because I’m tuning out. More interesting than finding out that Fred Johnson probably isn’t quite as evil as everyone has been saying he is. Cause didn’t we kind of know that already?
  3. Amos is crazy. He almost kills Miller. The only reason he doesn’t is because Naomi stops him. She seems to be the only one that can “control” him, which is about to get really problematic due to Naomi and Holden totally having sex in the airlock after their mission to hide samples of The Blue Death in space. Power couple.
  4. We’re on the brink of war. So many war-adjacent things happening. Bobbie Draper’s Martian Marine crew gets sent to destroy Phoebe Station. On their mission, they fire a warning shot across the bow of one of Earth’s ships, then proceed with the destruction. Back in the situation room on Earth, Chrisjen convinces Earth not to take retaliatory measure that will surely be seen as a declaration of war. They decide, instead, to take out one of Mars’ stations because, you know, an eye for an eye.
  5. Roci’s crew finds Dresden. Dresden is the scientist working with Jules-Pierre Mao and the one who executed the “experiment” on Eros. They burst unceremoniously into his lab, and he basically says he’ll give them anything not to mess with his research. He goes on to explain more about The Blue Death and honestly, it’s REALLY confusing. Here’s what I got: It’s an organism that’s capable of transforming or evolving the host it infects. So basically, Dresden is arguing that we need to figure out how it works and how to control it so humans won’t be so confined by their human-ness. He believes that this will somehow lead to humans who don’t need to breathe or can put themselves to sleep for long periods of time in order to explore the far reaches of space. I mean, sounds cool, except for the brutal death, crystals popping out of your throat thing. So I guess there are still a couple kinks. Oh yeah, and Dresden mentions that he’s the only one capable of accessing the research. So they decide to protect him JKJKJK MILLER SHOOTS HIM STRAIGHT IN THE HEAD.

So that’s where The Expanse premiere leaves us — eager for more. I have, possibly, even more questions than I did after the season finale. One thing I’m sure about? Ready to see more of Mars! I love a strong female lead.


See you all next week!

Need to catch up on Season One? It’s streaming now on Amazon Prime. You can also check out our Season One Recap.

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