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‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: 6×10 “Riders on the Storm”

Teen Wolf: Season 6, Episode 10, “Riders on the Storm,” Aired Jan. 31, 2017

Before we get to the recap, let’s just take a moment to SWOON!



Ok, now down to the nitty gritty. There was a lot going on in this episode. A LOT but let’s start with our fav Beta, Liam. He’s at the hospital and Theo and the Ghost Riders are gone. I’m still so proud of Theo! But that’s not the weird part. The weird part is that the hospital is morphing into the Ghost Rider train station. WTF. He goes and finds Scott to show him.

Next we flash over to Stiles who is actually in the Ghost Rider train station. He starts to hear Lydia calling to him just as the overhead announcer tells the zombie-like folks that the train is almost there. (That’s new.) Stiles tries to push through the crowd and gets a little help from his pops when the Sheriff fires his gun. They have a super cute reunion that is enough to rip your heart out, but this episode is just getting started!

Noah tells him to go find Lydia and get out of here. Stiles runs to the rift and you can hear Lydia yelling “when I kissed you” as Stiles pushes through the rift! In the tunnel, Malia and Scott couldn’t see anything but Lydia is sure that she saw Stiles get out. Flash over to the school parking lot and we see the jeep and Stiles is there! He got through! Score 1 for the good guys!


Stiles is out and about in Beacon Hills trying to find his peeps. Malia trusts that Lydia saw Stiles get out, so they go to look for him. Malia and Lydia realize the jeep is gone and notice the train tracks at the school, too. The same train tracks that Liam shows Scott in the middle of the hospital where they run into Mr. Douglas and his Hell Hound. Dammit, Parrish — snap out of it!

They fight a little until Stiles knocks Mr. Douglas with a bat! (YAY!) The Scott and Stiles reunion is the BEST! The look on each of their faces is equal parts joy and relief. They hug and it’s wonderful, but they can’t love on each other for too long because, as Liam informs them, Parrish is down the hall about to throw a fire ball at them. But for reals, that #Sciles reunion!


After the best reunion ever, Stiles says everything went to crap without him! The thing is, he thinks he has been gone a few days but it’s been months. After they literally put Parrish’s fire out, they get the scoop: Mr. Douglas is merging the worlds so he can bring the Hunt into our world. Parrish tells them that they can’t stop the train, but they can divert it.

As Scott, Stiles, and Liam walk up to the school, Liam gets an idea. He realizes that Corey can exist in both worlds and he thinks that maybe Corey is the key to all of this. He runs off to try and find him.

“Wanna split up?” — Scott

“Never again.” — Stiles

Scott and Stiles keep looking for a way to divert the train while Liam finds a horse. Before Liam can take it, he is attacked by a Ghost Rider. He fights him off and is saved (again) by Theo! Even as a good guy, Theo is still sassy AF. Liam rides off.

Back in the Ghost Rider land, Hayden and Mason are searching for Corey but they still can’t find him. Then Mason realizes that the voice announcing the train is Corey! Hayden and Mason are busy looking for Corey as a Ghost Rider rides up! Just kidding, it’s just Liam who has quickly become one of my favs. Was he always this funny?

Back in the school library, they find Peter and a train station full of people who can’t hear them! Lydia tells Malia that she needs to make an emotional connection with Peter in order to break him out of the rift. Malia forces herself to call him dad but as she keeps saying it, that hesitation melts away. She gets through to him! Before they can get everyone out, a Ghost Rider shows up!


Peter jumps right in to fight. Malia pushes Lydia out of the way and gets hit with a whip, trying to protect her. Seeing that his daughter is hurt, Peter’s emotional connection becomes even stronger and his is able to actually fight the Ghost Riders! The girls are about to run away, but Malia sees that her dad is in trouble so she stays and fights with him. #FEELS

In the woods, Scott and Stiles are still looking for a way to divert the train when they run into Mr. Douglas! He whips Stiles and he is taken again! WHAT?! Scott too but since the worlds are merging, they don’t go very far. Just to the school. They find each other again but as soon as they walk through another door, they are zapped away again. Split up again, Scott is confronted by more Ghost Riders and he busts out some super sweet ninja werewolf moves and gets away!


Back in the Ghost Rider world train station, Mason, Hayden and Liam follow the chords to find Corey hooked up to all sorts of wires! Dayum son. They try to unhook him but Liam says they need to wait for Scott to divert the train. Corey agrees and Mason takes his hand, because they are precious.

In the School, Stiles was zapped into the locker room and as he tries to leave, a Ghost Rider enters, They struggle and fight for a bit and just as the Ghost Rider is about to pull the trigger, Lydia shows up and screams the dude away! She runs in and they see each other. Then Lydia says “I didn’t say it back” and he says “you don’t have to!” because he already knows how she feels AND THEY F*CKING KISS! AHHHHH! It’s not a long reunion but totally worth the wait. STYDIA KISS!


In Ghost Rider land, my other favorite couple is trying to figure out a way to escape when they are attacked by some Ghost Riders. In a very western-style showdown, Argent takes the Ghost Rider out and gets a big kiss from his best gal, Melissa! YASSSSS!

In the woods, it’s time for an Alpha face off! Scott versus Douglas! Scott is flying solo and Mr. Douglas has about 25 Ghost Riders with him. But wait, Scott isn’t alone, he has a pack! And as Malia reminds us, Theo isn’t in it, but he’s there to fight. Peter too! They battle and it’s epic! Malia is able to grab a whip from one of them and she throws it to Scott. He is able to divert the train! He howls to let Liam know he did it and they start to unplug Corey.

In the school, Lydia and Stiles run into Stiles’ creepy fake mom. They have it out and she chokes Stiles. Fake Claudia is the worst but Noah busts in to save his son. With the help of Lydia’s scream, Noah is able to shoot Claudia and zap her away. Phew!


In the woods, the Ghost Riders circle around Scott, Peter, Theo and Malia as the storm rolls in. It looks like they are in big trouble, but then the Ghost Riders put their guns away and leave. As Douglas tries to order the Riders in English and German, the Ghost Riders stop. They don’t enjoy being bossed around. Instead of killing Scott and his crew, they make Douglas a Ghost Rider.

And then just like that, everything is back to normal! Everything! Except Corey. They wheel him into a room to give him the 9 herbs, which Mason knows all about. I love that guy.

At the school, it’s the last day! Everyone is excited but Stiles is a little bummed. Scott says that it feels like nothing has changed, but then Stiles looks at Lydia. She gives him a sweet smile and Stiles says that everything has changed. They head out to the jeep and Stiles gives Scott the keys. Then it starts to really feel like the end of something. We learn that Lydia is going to MIT and that Stiles got into the pre-FBI program! What happened to them sharing an apartment? 🙁


They are about to head off to their futures when they hear that there is a body in the woods. Then Scott and Stiles ride off together to finish 6a just they started 1a. Two boys looking for a body in the woods! Awww.

WOW. What an episode. Did you love it/hate it?! Tell us your thoughts!

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